Commands and APIs

Diagram of GoAnywhere project execution from Windows

Commands and APIs are provided to allow external applications to run file transfers and workflows (Projects) in GoAnywhere MFT. These commands and APIs are available at no additional charge and can be installed onto Windows, UNIX, LINUX, IBM i (iSeries), HP-UX and Solaris platforms. The GoAnywhere MFT commands can be run from system command lines, scripts, programming languages (e.g. JAVA and .NET), 3rd party schedulers, and SOAP and REST Web Services.

Since the commands and APIs make requests to GoAnywhere MFT using the standard HTTP(S) protocol, these commands can connect from other systems on the IP network. This allows a single install of GoAnywhere MFT to execute and manage all the file transfer needs within an environment.

The commands have several parameters which can be specified by the user or application including:

  • Name of the Project to execute
  • User and password for authentication
  • Host name (or IP address) and port number of the GoAnywhere MFT server
  • Variables names and values to override in the Project, such as file names, folder names, IP addresses, etc.
  • Job Queue priority

GoAnywhere Command Integration


GoAnywhere MFT includes GoAnywhere Command, a RESTful Web API that can be used to automate your file transfer processes, run projects and workflows, add new users, work with keys, manage jobs, and more.

Key Features

Use this integration on the command line to call the following actions in your GoAnywhere environment:

  • Add, Remove, Import, Export, and Promote:
    • Keys
    • Projects
    • Monitors
    • Jobs
    • Projects
    • Resources
    • Schedules
    • Triggers
    • Virtual Folders and Files
    • User
  • Run Project
  • Pause Job
  • Resume Job
  • Get Job Log
  • Cancel Job
  • Update Web User

Other Features

GoAnywhere MFT commands can be run from a Windows command line, from Windows shortcuts, custom applications, languages and Windows schedulers.


Command example:
gacmd.exe -server
        -user projectManager -password ********
        -command runProject -Project /Payroll/SendDirectDeposit
        -variables fileName "deposit.csv" folderPath "/inbound/deposit"

For Unix and Linux operating systems, GoAnywhere MFT commands can be entered on a command line, run from shell scripts, custom applications, cron and 3rd party schedulers.

Command example:
sh gacmd -server
        -user projectManager -password ********
        -command runProject -Project /Orders/SendPurchaseOrders
        -variables VendorNumber "423231" Status "Open"

The provided GoAnywhere MFT command for IBM i can be entered on an command line, run from CL/RPG/COBOL programs, placed on user menus and run from other job schedulers.

Command example:

Java applications can execute GoAnywhere MFT commands using the same set of options that are available from the command line interfaces. Parameters can be passed through the API to override variables in the executed Projects. The Java API comes with several working examples along with documentation to get you started.

GoAnywhere MFT commands can be executed from .NET applications using the GoAnywhere MFT open source C# API. Included in the API is a sample Windows Form application for demonstration purposes and to provide working code examples. Your .NET application can reference the packaged DLL file or include the C# source code for further customization.

GoAnywhere MFT provides a SOAP client that allows you to automate Project execution or User provisioning from your Web Service enabled applications.

GoAnywhere MFT provides a SOAP client that allows you to automate Project execution or User provisioning from your Web Service enabled applications.

SOAP Command Example:
			<project>Data Translation</project>
			<jobName>Script Transfer</jobName>
			<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
			<domain>Chicago Campus</domain>

REST Command Example:

REST Command Example:
POST http://example-server:8000/goanywhere/rest/gacmd/v1/projects
	"runParameters" :
		"project":"Data Translation",
		"domain":"Chicago Campus",
		"jobName" : "Script Transfer",
		"jobQueue" : "SFTP",
		"mode" : "batch",
		"priority" : "10",
		"variables" :
				"key" : "Customer Name",
				"value" : "example"
				"key" : "Customer Location",
				"value" : "Chicago"

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