GoAnywhere’s Linux FTPS Server Solution


You can exchange sensitive information with your trading partners and external vendors using GoAnywhere’s FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) file transfer protocol. GoAnywhere MFT, our secure managed file transfer solution, supports implicit and explicit SSL connections and dual factor authentication.

GoAnywhere’s MFT Linux FTPS server solution can help make sure your data is safe from vulnerabilities and increase your organization’s data loss protection. Along with detailed audit logging and permission-level access controls, GoAnywhere on Linux breezes past native FTPS on Linux.

What are the limitations of native FTPS on Linux?


Using FTPS on Linux comes with its limitations. Use the following considerations to explore how these native limitations can be fixed with GoAnywhere’s Linux FTPS server solution.

The Level of Availability and Scalability:


Native FTPS servers for Linux are often unable to scale with a growing enterprise. With GoAnywhere, you can scale to meet high volumes of file transfers. The clustering technology in GoAnywhere allows file transfers and other processes to be distributed across multiple systems for load balancing. Clustering also provides true "active-active" support for disaster recovery in mission-critical environments.

Separate User Accounts:


Native FTPS servers for Linux frequently can’t grant multiples of people access to the data they need. With GoAnywhere’s robust set of management features, however, you can easily allow trading partners and employees to collaborate and manage the file transfers they have access to.

Unsecure Plugins and Cloud Utilization:


Native FTPS servers for Linux rarely provide features for sending secure emails or accessing the cloud without security threats.

GoAnywhere MFT comes with an Outlook Plugin. With this plugin, users can use the Secure Mail module to pass ad-hoc messages and files securely through GoAnywhere.

GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connectors allows you to simplify how you distribute sensitive documents to your employees, manage files stored on OneDrive accounts, automate the movement of data and more – directly from yourGoAnywhere environment.

We offer cloud integrations for popular services like SharePoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more.

Why use GoAnywhere’s Linux FTPS server solution?


GoAnywhere on Linux is a dependable enterprise-level solution with extensive auditing logs and reporting for compliance requirements. Not only is GoAnywhere easy to use and implement, it includes:

  • Popular encryption methods including Open PGP, GZIP, and TAR
  • Support for standard file transfer servers like SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and AS2
  • Integrated scheduler and folder monitors
  • Utilization of existing NFS and CIFS mounts and dynamic network shares
  • Ability to run transfers from Cron jobs and external schedulers/scripts
  • Existing shell scripts and remote SSH commands for execution
  • Support for physical and virtualized environments

GoAnywhere MFT also eliminates the need for custom programs and scripts, single-function tools, and manual processes with its intuitive interface and comprehensive workflow features. It will reduce costs, improve the quality of file transfers, and help your organization comply with data security audits, policies, and regulations.

How easy is it to set up GoAnywhere’s FTPS server?


Setting up a GoAnywhere FTPS server solution on Linux is effortless. If you’re familiar with Linux, you could have GoAnywhere set up within minutes.

Learn how easy it is to convert your Linux shell scripts and cron jobs to managed file transfer projects by viewing our Converting Scripts to Projects tutorial.

Ready to get started? Try our FTPS server for yourself!

GoAnywhere MFT is easy to use and even easier to implement. Try a 30-day trial to see if our FTPS server is right for your Linux secure file transfer needs.

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