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Could Your FTP Server Pass a Compliance Audit?

Passing a compliance audit is easier when outdated FTP is replaced with MFT

If an auditor showed up to your office tomorrow and wanted to examine your file transfer security policies and procedures for compliance, how confident are you that your organization would pass with flying colors?

If there’s any doubt that your file exchange process can meet stringent compliance requirements, a secure managed file transfer solution could ease your mind.

Compliance Audit of File Server: How Strong is Yours?

Take this short quiz to get a rough estimate as to where your compliance stance is today:

  1. Are you still hosting an outdated SFTP or FTP server in the public area of your network (or DMZ)?
  2. Do trading partners have access to inbound ports within your internal network to drop off or retrieve files?
  3. Are your administrative security controls granular enough to manage user access to specific files, folders and areas of the network?
  4. Can you monitor all file transfer activity and maintain detailed audit logs?
  5. Do employees have easy access to an ad hoc file transfer tool that lets them transfer files of any size, all while generating audit trails?

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Meet Compliance Requirements: Learn How

If your answers to a few of these questions were a bit cringe-worthy, take a minute to view this on-demand webinar, Meeting Compliance Requirements with GoAnywhere, which explores how managed file transfer (MFT) can serve up the file transfer security and compliance your organization needs.

Watch the Webinar!

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