Why Use SFTP?

GoAnywhere MFT implements a secure FTP solution to protect sensitive file transfers with strong encryption technology and modern authentication methods. GoAnywhere's support for the three secure FTP standards (SFTP, FTPS and SCP) creates encrypted tunnels between client and server systems. These tunnels not only secure file contents, they also protect any user credentials that flow over the connection.

GoAnywhere MFT SFTP Server


  • Supports SFTP (SSH), FTPS (SSL/TLS) and SCP (Secure Copy) standards
  • Provides both client and server components
  • Runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX, UNIX and Solaris
  • Authenticates connections with user IDs, passwords, keys and certificates
  • Supports large files with auto-resume and integrity checks to help guarantee delivery
  • Produces full audit logs of all Secure FTP activity

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SFTP Server FTPS Server SCP Server SFTP Client FTPS Client SCP Client


With GoAnywhere MFT's SFTP client and server, you can use automation to:

  • Run multi-step workflows for transferring, encrypting and processing files
  • Schedule future Secure FTP transfers
  • Monitor folders on Secure FTP sites and process them immediately when new files are detected
  • Integrate with existing applications, programs, and scripts

Audit Reporting

Detailed audit logs are required for maintaining compliance with regulations and privacy laws. Unlike other secure FTP solutions, GoAnywhere MFT tracks all Secure FTP file transfer activity in a central database, which can be viewed in the dashboard or automatically distributed in PDF format. A wide variety of management and analytical reports are available.

  • Globally Search all audit logs from a single screen
  • Filter Results based on date ranges, specific users, severity, etc.
  • Schedule Reports to run at future dates/times with email distribution
  • Export Audit Logs for viewing in Excel and other applications
  • Send to SYSLOG for centralized error reporting

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"GoAnywhere allowed us to eliminate and reduce the need for custom programming to transfer files and database records between dissimilar database management systems. We found GoAnywhere to be highly intuitive, flexible and easy to use."


Simplified Administration

GoAnywhere MFT provides a browser-based interface for configuring and monitoring Secure FTP file transfers and workflows for the enterprise. Each administrator can be assigned different roles in GoAnywhere MFT with their own custom dashboards.

  • Configure SFTP file transfers and workflows using graphical forms and GoAnywhere's drag-n-drop interface
  • Set up trading partners and other settings with intuitive wizards
  • View critical statistics and analytical information

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Clustering for Scalability and Disaster Recovery

GoAnywhere MFT can be scaled to meet high volumes of Secure FTP file transfers for the enterprise. The clustering technology allows file transfers and other processes to be distributed across multiple systems for load balancing. GoAnywhere's clustering functionality also provides true "active-active" support for disaster recovery in mission-critical environments.

  • Horizontally scale by adding more systems to the cluster
  • Organize workflow jobs by run priorities and job queues
  • Load balance incoming connections from trading partners
  • Auto-failover to the remaining systems in the cluster
  • Does not require 3rd party software to support clustering

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Key & Certificate Management

GoAnywhere MFT simplifies keys and certificate management for SFTP.

  • Manage keys and certificates through a central, browser-based interface
  • Import existing SSH keys and SSL certificates
  • Export keys and certificates to share with partners
  • Receive email alerts when certificates are about to expire

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Is it Time to Upgrade to SFTP?

Strengthen the security of your data in transit with a secure FTP solution. Download a free trial of GoAnywhere MFT to take your next step toward streamlined file transfers.