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Projects are used to describe the workflows for GoAnywhere MFT to perform. You can define these Projects through GoAnywhere MFT's administrator. For instance, a Project can be defined to indicate where to retrieve data from, what processes to perform on the data (e.g. convert to Excel, Zip, encrypt), and where to distribute the output. Project definitions are stored in a central database for enterprise usage by authorized users and applications.

No. One of the main benefits of GoAnywhere MFT is that you don’t need a programming background or special skills to use the product. Intuitive wizards are provided in GoAnywhere MFT that allow you to quickly choose and configure the tasks to perform in your Projects. For instance, you can quickly choose a data source or a destination by simply selecting the server from a drop-down list. Data can easily be encrypted, decrypted, translated, compressed, etc. by just choosing options through these wizards.

Projects can be executed using a variety of methods. You can use GoAnywhere MFT’s integrated scheduler or your own 3rd party scheduler to initiate Projects. Projects can also automatically run when a particular event occurs, such as when a new file is found in a folder. Projects can be initiated from other systems in the network using the provided GoAnywhere MFT commands. These commands are provided at no extra charge and can be installed on Windows, LINUX, IBM i and UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) systems. APIs are also provided for developers that wish to initiate Projects from programming languages, such as JAVA, PHP, .NET, CL or ILE RPG.

Yes. GoAnywhere MFT can automatically send alerts when transfers fail, succeed or when other conditions are met. These alerts can be sent as email or system messages. For instance, GoAnywhere MFT could immediately email you the error message when it fails to connect to a FTP server. As another example, you could have GoAnywhere MFT send a custom email to someone in your organization when a file is successfully retrieved from a trading partner.

GoAnywhere MFT was designed with an optimized multi-threaded architecture to satisfy the most demanding environments. For enterprises that have a high volume of file transfers, GoAnywhere MFT can be clustered with multiple systems to work in tandem for performing file transfers and other workflows. This provides greater scalability by allowing workloads to be distributed horizontally across multiple GoAnywhere MFT installations.

No. All GoAnywhere functions are server-centric.

Absolutely. GoAnywhere is a comprehensive and secure MFT solution. One of the core benefits of GoAnywhere is its ability to automate and manage file transfers including database transfers, FTP and Secure FTP transfers, HTTP(S) transfers, sending AS2 messages and email transfers. Transfers can be executed and controlled from a centralized GoAnywhere installation with detailed logging and auditing reports.