GoAnywhere helps organizations of all sizes streamline and secure their data transmissions with automated file transfer software. Achieve flexibility and ease of use in your organization with GoAnywhere’s comprehensive solutions and features that run easily on file transfer systems, including system-to-system batch files, workflows and projects, document collaboration, reverse and forward proxy software, Open PGP encryption, cloud connectivity, and more.

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[GoAnywhere] is fairly simple for any IT professional to pick up and start building workflows on.... What I love about it is that it does the job and it does it well. For moving files, this is a great product.

Phil Kolodziejski | Integration Platform Manager | MLC Life Insurance

The fact that you can customize GoAnywhere to your needs, as opposed to an out of the box solution with little to no flexibility. The product is extremely flexible and allows you to create workflows that are specific to your business use case. There is also the security aspect of the application. The product has built in auditing tools to complement our vulnerability management and PEN testing tools to ensure compliance.

James P | IS Director | CISO

We originally purchased GoAnywhere MFT because we had a piece of software that wrote to a SQL database that we could call from the AS/400. We were upgrading to SQL2005 and the software was not compatible. GoAnywhere MFT is compatible with SQL2005 and could be installed on various platforms including the AS/400. Since purchasing GoAnywhere, we find new and creative uses for the software to solve our everyday problems related to securely moving data. It's the 1st tool we turn to when we have new file transfer requirements.

Steve Kriegel | Dorel Juvenile Group USA

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