GoAnywhere helps organizations of all sizes streamline and secure their data transmissions with automated file transfer software. Achieve flexibility and ease of use in your organization with GoAnywhere’s comprehensive solutions and features, including system-to-system batch files, workflows and projects, document collaboration, reverse and forward proxy software, OpenPGP encryption, cloud connectivity, and more.

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GoAnywhere MFT is the most remarkable product I have ever used. I am the only RPG programmer in my shop and the amount of code that I have to write to interface other software and machinery to the AS/400 is very time consuming and can get very overwhelming on a day to day basis. Since the purchase of GoAnywhere the amount of code I have had to write in the past has dramatically dropped but the efficiency of getting the proper data has been nothing less than unbelievable. Other than the actual software the Sales and Tech support is the best in the business. I have never used a product that I would rave about to other programmers or IBM Business partners but with GoAnywhere I try to tell everyone I know about it.

Raymond Murray | Schumann Printers, Inc.

You are amazing! I have become a huge fan of GoAnywhere MFT. We are going live today and one GoAnywhere project will replace many vendor interfaces in the future starting with the 8 interfaces that are going in production today. Your support is extraordinary and I would give you 10 out of 10 in terms of satisfaction. Support was able to get me through the issues I encountered and I appreciate the quick response from your developers in addressing my request to increase the parameters on the RUNPROJECT command. Thanks!

Ajay Bhojane | The Shaw Group Inc.

GoAnywhere MFT has been a perfect fit for our systems because of its ease of use, Security features, audits and reliability. The support for the product is first rate and the continuous adding of functions and features gives us more opportunities to find solutions to file transfer problems.

Don Keating (Medical Device Company)