GoAnywhere helps organizations of all sizes streamline and secure their data transmissions with automated file transfer software. Achieve flexibility and ease of use in your organization with GoAnywhere’s comprehensive solutions and features that run easily on file transfer systems, including system-to-system batch files, workflows and projects, document collaboration, reverse and forward proxy software, Open PGP encryption, cloud connectivity, and more.

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We purchased GoAnywhere MFT last summer. It is probably the most valuable application we've purchased in the last several years. It fills a niche for us and it does it quite well. We're still only using a fraction of the functionality, but it has allowed us to eliminate countless homegrown scripts that were on a variety of systems, and it also serves as the glue that keeps our homegrown identity management system functioning.

On top of a great product - your support is excellent! We had one serious functionality problem earlier this year and your support team stuck with us. They managed to get a patch rolled into v2.0 which solved the problem, even though it wasn't technically GoAnywhere's fault - it was a badly behaving FTP server. We'd be happy to share our experience with GoAnywhere MFT and Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] if anyone wants.

Eric Bird | MassArt

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with getting us moved over to GoAnywhere MFT. Your support team does an excellent job! You are very attentive to your customers and that means a lot! I would definitely recommend your product to anyone, not just because it is a great product, but also because you can count on having the support when you need it. You are excellent!!

Linda Humbert | American Management Corporation

Once we had GoAnywhere MFT in place, it seemed like a different world opened up for us because now we're finding other places where we can use it. For instance, we have also been able to transfer encrypted information to our health insurance provider. Before, we were using software on a PC to do it, and it was pretty cumbersome. Since our data resides on the System i, we were downloading files to the PC, encrypting it, then sending it out. Now, the person can just select an option on the menu and it does it all. For that person, it's saving quite a bit of time and work.

David Yorks | Woolrich