Microsoft Azure Managed File Transfer and Secure FTP

GoAnywhere MFT is a Managed File Transfer and Secure FTP solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services that will automate and secure file transfers with your trading partners, customers and enterprise servers.

GoAnywhere MFT on Microsoft Azure

GoAnywhere MFT’s intuitive interface and comprehensive workflow features help to eliminate the need for custom programs and scripts, single-function tools and manual processes that were traditionally needed. This innovative solution will reduce cost while improving the quality of file transfers. GoAnywhere MFT on Azure can help your organization to comply with data security audits, policies, and regulations with extensive audit logs and detailed reporting tools.

GoAnywhere MFT implements secure FTP technology to protect sensitive file transfers using strong encryption technology and modern authentication methods. This will create encrypted tunnels between client and server systems which provides confidentiality and integrity of critical transmissions. Secure FTP also protects any user credentials that flow over the connection.

  • Easily optimize GoAnywhere MFT to fully utilize your chosen Azure price and performance combination
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration for user authentication and synchronization
  • Multi-factor authentication with user ID’s, passwords, keys and certificates
  • Supports large files with auto-resume and integrity checks to help guarantee delivery
  • Integrated ability to connect to Azure Blob Storage for file transfers

Running GoAnywhere MFT on Microsoft Azure

Installing and running GoAnywhere MFT on Azure is an effortless process. There is no need to set up IIS, Microsoft clustering, or any other 3rd party solution. Everything you need is included and managed for you. GoAnywhere MFT can be installed on your choice of Azure supported Windows or Linux operating systems, such as RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, and others. After stepping through GoAnywhere MFT's quick installation wizard, simply set up your trading partner accounts and file transfer processes. The intuitive design and modular feature set allows you to be up and running on Azure in no time. GoAnywhere MFT requires a minimum of 300 MB of disk space (not including user data) and 512 MB of RAM.

High Availability and Scalability

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer on Azure can be scaled to meet high volumes of file transfers for the enterprise. With the clustering technology in GoAnywhere MFT, file transfers and other processes can be distributed across multiple Azure VM instances for load balancing. When an instance is taken offline, GoAnywhere MFT automatically routes file transfers and jobs to other GoAnywhere MFT installations in the cluster.

  • Horizontally scale by adding more systems to the cluster
  • Organize workflow jobs by run priorities and job queues
  • Load balance incoming connections from trading partners
  • Auto-failover to the active systems in the cluster
  • Does not require 3rd party software to support clustering

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory

GoAnywhere MFT includes a robust set of user management features enabling trading partners and employees to collaborate and manage file transfers. These user accounts can authenticate against Active Directory allowing users to specify their corporate credentials. GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer on Azure can synchronize users and groups in Active Directory to automate user provisioning.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

GoAnywhere MFT can connect to a variety of databases to export or import data including Microsoft SQL Server. For example, a Project can extract data from SQL Server and place the contents in a file. Then the Project could encrypt or compress it and store it on the network or distribute the file to a remote server. GoAnywhere MFT can also utilize Microsoft SQL Server to store product configuration and audit log information. GoAnywhere MFT supports clustered SQL Server environments and can optionally use Windows Integrated Security for authentication.

Azure Data Lake Store Cloud Connector

GoAnywhere's Azure Data Lake Store Cloud Connector allows you to exchange secure file transfers between your private network and the Azure Data Lake Store. This integration is available from the GoAnywhere Cloud Connector Marketplace and can be used to upload, rename, download, move, and delete files, as well as manage specified directories in Azure Data Lake Store directly from your GoAnywhere MFT environment.

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