Case Study

Large Supply Chain Organization Implements GoAnywhere MFT to Replace Scripting and Pricey Integration Platforms

A leading supply chain and logistics solutions provider had their file transfer process spread across multiple integration platforms and Perl scripts that were difficult to manage effectively. With outdated scripting, pricey licensing, and a decentralized file transfer process, they sought a file transfer solution able to meet their needs for a more robust, modern data exchange solution that could replace their scripts and costly platform integrations, while offering predictable pricing, better centralization of processes, and more transparency.

Load Balancing Keeps Files Moving, Processes Running

Dreaded network bottlenecks and the ensuing risk of downtime are anxiety-producing situations for many IT teams. Afterall, uptime is how business gets done and when that fails, the domino effect can have serious repercussions. Load balancing, however, can act as a preventative, to keep network traffic flowing. What is Load Balancing? Load balancing is the technique organizations can use to...
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Strengthen Your Defense: Data Retention Best Practices

Your organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Retaining data properly helps ensure you meet industry compliance requirements and keep the trust of your customers or trading partners. Whatever your organization’s specific data retention policies may be, you’ll need to ensure that your data is secured at rest as well as in motion, with robust auditing and reporting of all file movements.

How MFT Helps the Insurance Industry Secure Files

Insurance industry insiders know an insurance policy is one of the few products purchased that most people hope to never have to put to use. Afterall, “using” your insurance means that an adverse event has occurred – an auto accident, medical crisis, storm damage, or any number of situations where not having a policy in place could have huge financial repercussions. Insurers also need to have a...

Hardening Your MFT Environment: A File Security Essential

Congratulate yourself if you already have a secure, managed file transfer (MFT) solution in your organization. You’ve taken a proactive step towards addressing growing cybersecurity concerns around the exchange of your sensitive, often business-critical files. While robust file transfer solutions can offer security, automation, and a streamlined way to conduct this essential business process, to...

How MFT Helps Strengthen Your Organization for Top 2024 Cybersecurity Risks

In a recently published blog detailing findings from Fortra’s inaugural 2024 Fortra State of Cybersecurity Survey , top takeaways revealed the concerns and trends of industry insiders, including: What are the top 5 security risks facing your organization in the next 6-12 months? Reviewing the top security risks facing organizations, 81% saw phishing and smishing as a top security risk, with...
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Yes, popular cloud storage applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage offer security, but is it secure enough to satisfy your corporate or compliance requirements?

What is a TFTP Server?

What is a TFTP Server? TFTP, or Trivial File Transfer Protocol lives up to its name as it is a lightweight, simple protocol used to send files across a network. The server of this “trivial” protocol allows computers in and out of an organization’s network to exchange files using TFTP. As a lightweight protocol, there is less complexity, and therefore reduced overhead. It works quite simply: A...

What We Learned in Our Inaugural State of Cybersecurity Survey

No one knows the challenges of securing an organization like the professionals who carry that responsibility daily. We set out to better understand the things they deal with and what they plan to focus on in our inaugural 2024 Fortra State of Cybersecurity Survey. Here are five key takeaways from the survey. 81% Call Phishing and Smishing Top Security Risk for 2024 Both phishing and smishing (SMS...

Secure Your Cloud Data

Whether you are already moving select pieces of your business to the cloud, just starting the cloud conversation, or are considering establishing a hybrid environment, you're in good company. Organizations move to the cloud in some fashion for its flexibility, scalability, and faster deployment. However, there is still hesitancy in adapting cloud technology due to security concerns as well as...

Building Strong Software Through Third-Party and Internal Testing

In my last post I wrote about protecting the supply chain and how strong bricks make strong walls, referencing how creating software with strong internal components and securely crafted code adds strength to the enterprises using that software. When considering any component being added into an environment, evaluating its security posture and attack surface is an important part of the purchasing...
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FTP, FTPS, & SFTP: Which Protocol You Should Use and When?

FTP, FTPS, and SFTP are three key file transfer protocols, but do you know which protocol is best for securing your organization’s sensitive data?  This webinar explores the differences between these protocols to help you determine which is best for your organization’s data transfer needs.  

On-Premises vs. Cloud: Which File Transfer Method is Best for You?

If your organization is debating between on-premises and cloud deployment for your business-critical file transfer needs, there are a few considerations around compliance, resources, and infrastructure to help you determine which option makes the most sense for your organization. “If you’re already using an on-premises solution, any discussion of a potential migration to cloud file transfer should...

How MFT Solves Email Attachment Problems

Managed File Transfer (MFT) future-proofs an organization’s ability to send files at the speed of business and break free of the limiting constraints of email attachments.

GoAnywhere Interactive Demo

If your organization spends too much time scripting or formulating workflows for your file transfer processes or when integrating form data into those processes, Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT can add simplicity and security to both of these tasks. Take a look at the Advanced Workflow and Secure Forms features in GoAnywhere when you view this interactive tour.

MFT Security Champions: First Responders for Solution Security

What is a Security Champion? Software users have expectations that the solution they choose to execute key business functions is continually being assessed for security, among other attributes. One role within security-conscious organizations that helps proactively meet those expectations is that of Security Champion. According to industry definitions, a software solution’s Security Champion...