Zero Trust File Transfer

Protect and control your most critical assets - wherever they travel


What happens to files after they’re shared via GoAnywhere? Is PGP encryption enough for your organization’s most critical assets? Do you need to take a Zero Trust approach to file protection?

Fortra’s Zero Trust File Transfer bundle gives organizations portable, persistent data security for files of all sizes and sensitivity levels. This bundle combines the power of GoAnywhere MFT, Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway, and Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration to enable automatic file sharing, scan files for malware or viruses, and encrypt them – giving you total control over files wherever they travel.


How does a zero trust approach improve file security?


Zero trust is about more than network segmentation. While some files can be shared with little concern for security, assets like intellectual property (IP), trade secrets, or sensitive financial information often needs additional protection. Rather than risk these assets being exposed to people who shouldn’t see them, lock them down and ensure they stay in the right hands.

Protect files with a single intuitive solution

Go beyond traditional file-level encryption to ensure all files sent or received by GoAnywhere are automatically scanned for threats, encrypted, and protected – before being shared.

What Kind of Data Can I Protect with Zero Trust File Transfer?


This bundle offers flexibility to protect all kinds of data, including:

  • Intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets, such as manufacturing design files, or music or movie pre-releases
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Large bodycam footage and surveillance video files for law enforcement
  • Financial data and analytics
  • M&A documentation
  • Project bids

Zero Trust File Transfer Features


Our Fortra solutions together offer:

  • Integrated file transfer, threat protection, encryption, and access control - for total file protection
  • No installation necessary for the end user
  • Default protection and scanning for sensitive files as they land in MFT and are shared outwardly
  • Easy compliance with a full audit trail end-to-end
  • Flexible deployment: SaaS, hybrid, or on-premise
  • Active file security so you can create and change policies dynamically, to enable or restrict user access in real time. You set the policies to be enforced (collaborate or view-only, copy/paste, print, screenshot, dynamic watermarking, etc.).

GUIDE: Taking File Transfer Security to Another Level

Why is extra file security even necessary? As the movement to adopt a Zero Trust security mindset grows, many companies are realizing their file sharing practices are not secure enough. In this guide, we dive into common encryption practices, why today’s DRM tools are much easier to use, and practical steps to improve file security in the modern era.


How Are Customers Using Zero Trust File Transfer?


Here are some of the common ways customers can use this bundle: 

  1. Send or receive large files via email with encryption. Encryption stays with the file even after download and access can be revoked at any time.
  2. Add protected files to shared folders. Wrap them in protection so only authorized users can open and download the file, depending on policies, and once files are downloaded, you still have control.
  3. Securely upload files to web forms. Enable GoAnywhere to apply secure collaboration to each attachment, sending a protected download link to recipients and only allowing authorized individuals to access.
  4. Inspect files for threats and sensitive information. Before files are sent or received, catch and sanitize them for viruses or malware. Remove unwanted metadata or sensitive information before continuing to share the file.

More Use Cases


A healthcare organization needed an automatic and secure method to move patient records to and from their SFTP server. Furthermore, they needed to make sure if data leakage occurred, their organization would have total control over those files.

Fortra’s Zero Trust File Transfer bundle gives them the ability to both transfer files securely and revoke access to those records instantly as needed. They now know their files are secure when accessed through Fortra’s secure file transfer solution. And if anyone tries to access the files through a third-party client or a mapped SMB drive, they will not have to worry about records leaking.

Food Distribution

A global food distribution company interacts with thousands of vendors and customers exchanging contracts, pricing, orders, and other documents that contain IP as well as PII. Ensuring information stays protected and in control both within the enterprise and on egress was paramount to their initiative.

The Zero Trust File Transfer bundle provides a data protection platform that can be invoked manually by the user; automates protection of content stored within SMB File Shares, OneDrive, and SharePoint Folders; and invokes protection via GoAnywhere MFT for secure managed file transfer.

Let Us Help You Improve File Security

The Zero Trust File Transfer bundle adds protection to the file transfer process and can help you make meaningful progress towards your zero trust goals. Share critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security.