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which is better: an SFTP solution or an MFT solution?

FEATURED BLOG: Which is Better: SFTP vs. MFT?

SFTP or MFT file transfer solutions? That is the question. In this article, we compare secure FTP protocol solutions to MFT solutions to determine why an organization might need to choose one over the other.

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GPG for File Transfers

What is GPG?

GPG is a strong alternative to PGP that provides a high level of data protection. Read our blog to explore more about GPG, GPG encryption, and more.

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Secure email makes transferring ad hoc files safer

Is Transferring Files Through Email Secure?

Securely emailing your files doesn’t have to be complex when you choose a method like managed file transfer, with built-in security, encryption, automation and other user-friendly features.

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Padlock in front of a file

Encryption for Exchanging Files

Selecting the right encryption method for securing data transfers can help shield against incidents that can wreak havoc with your budget, reputation with your customers, and cost precious time and resources.

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Choosing the right MFT solution

How to Choose an MFT Vendor

Finding the right MFT vendor for your organization can be a stressful process. Explore our blog to learn what you need to know, should ask, and how to choose the best MFT solution.

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What is Safer Internet Day. Find out how to keep your organization and family safer online.

What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer and better -- that’s the goal of the organizers of Safer Internet Day, recognized around the world every February. Check out a few organizational and personal internet use tips.

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Government building superimposed on binary code to represent compliance for the Federal Information Security Management Act

What is FISMA?

Discover the Federal Information Security Management Act, a U.S. law that governs data security for U.S. agencies and contractors.

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FTP vs. MFT – What's the Difference?

Transferring sensitive data securely is an essential need for organizations on a daily basis. If you’re looking to implement a file transfer solution but are torn between a basic solution like FTP or a more advanced one like MFT, this blog is for you.

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Group of employees celebrating Data Privacy Day

What is Data Privacy Day? Why Does it Matter?

Data security is a layered affair. Sweeten your security position with a quick refresh of what helps keep your data secure in honor of Data Privacy Day.

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Woman holds receipt at a cash register, working to stay PCI compliant

The 5 Biggest PCI Compliance Breaches

Lessons Learned from 5 top PCI DSS and credit card breaches. Learn the risks of PCI non-compliance or a data breach, and how your organization can keep your data secure.

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2021 Cybersecurity Tips

10 Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data in 2021

With the new year just beginning, it's a good time to consider what you can do to ensure your data is protected and your business is not the victim of a data breach.

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