OpenPGP Encryption

OpenPGP, also known as GPG, is a popular encryption standard that protects the privacy and integrity of sensitive files. OpenPGP implements asymmetric (public key) cryptography to provide strong security and repudiation of files. GoAnywhere MFT provides robust support for OpenPGP, allowing you to:

  • Encrypt files with one or more Public Keys
  • Decrypt files with Private Keys
  • Sign files with Private Keys
  • Verify digital signatures in files using Public Keys
  • Generate full audit logs of all OpenPGP encryption and decryption processes

OpenPGP is used by banks, financial institutions, healthcare organizations and other highly regulated industries to protect their most sensitive files.

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GoAnywhere MFT OpenPGP encryption and decryption

"We were able to get an automated system up and running quickly, which can be easily adjusted for any schedule changes. The customer service at Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] has also been wonderful. I would definitely recommend GoAnywhere and Linoma's [now HelpSystems] support staff to anyone."

Automation of OpenPGP in GoAnywhere MFT

  • Automatically transfer files after they are encrypted with OpenPGP
  • Retrieve OpenPGP files from other servers and decrypt in a workflow
  • Schedule OpenPGP processes to run at future dates and times
  • Integrate with existing applications, programs and scripts
GoAnywhereMFT OpenPGP Key manager

OpenPGP Key Management

A comprehensive OpenPGP Key Manager is provided in GoAnywhere MFT.

  • Intuitive browser-based interface
  • Create, import, export and view OpenPGP keys
  • Receive email alerts when OpenPGP keys are about to expire
  • Role based permissions only allow authorized users to manage OpenPGP keys

Manage OpenPGP Keys in GoAnywhere MFT 


GoAnywhere MFT can be installed to a variety of platforms to perform your OpenPGP encryption and decryption processes.

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