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Marketing Service Provider Successfully Deploys GoAnywhere in the Cloud

goanywhere mft deployed to amazon web services

As industry needs evolve, many organizations are looking to the cloud as a potential next step for their data requirements. For one big data, analytics, and marketing service provider, moving to a hybrid environment was a helpful way to reduce the amount of workloads and file transfers they needed to manage on-premises.

When their current file transfer solution sunset, this marketing service provider decided they could no longer dedicate programmer time to their current, time-consuming processes. They looked for a new solution that could take over their complex tasks and found that GoAnywhere MFT not only met their use cases and came with all the features they required, it also provided an affordable way to process file transfers in their chosen cloud environment: Amazon Web Services.

“Compared to a deployment of other solutions, GoAnywhere was more affordable. We also saw the processes that we’ve built over time and realized how over-complicated some of it was. GoAnywhere allows us to be as detailed as we want, yet keep things from going overboard.”

Moving some of their processes to the cloud was a big draw for this company, but it wasn’t the only benefit they discovered. GoAnywhere MFT worked well with the AWS services they wanted to use, and they also found that the solution offered them excellent security features, like password management, secure collaboration for team members, and detailed audit logs for tracking and reporting.

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Learn how GoAnywhere solved this marketing service provider’s pain points in the full case study.

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