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3 Cybersecurity Takeaways from RSA Conference 2018

managed file transfer takeaways for RSA Conference 2018

The speed and intensity of cyberattacks are growing, and cyber siege is no joke. But the 45,000+ attendees who attended this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco proved the force of cybersecurity experts is rising—and they’re arming themselves with the right skills, smarts, and software to beat cybercrime.

In April this year, the GoAnywhere team traveled to RSA to soak in the innovation and inspiration that RSA provides. (Thanks to those of you who stopped by our booth to say hi! We loved seeing customers and partners from Texas, England, Dubai, and beyond.) If you missed RSA, here are three takeaways we thought were worth sharing.

1. The cyberthreats we face are real.

Keynote speakers at RSA made it clear: the threats facing our organizations are skyrocketing. Every 14 seconds, there’s a new ransomware attack somewhere. Hackers are getting into enterprises as many as 146 days before they’re detected. Vulnerabilities are up 20%. More people are connected to the internet than ever before (3.9 billion, which is half the world’s population), and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) means a whole slew of devices are connecting, likely without having the right security for threat prevention.

Unfortunately, it’s probable your organization has experienced a data breach or suspicious activity in the past. If you haven’t, you need to be aware of the serious nature of today’s cybersecurity landscape. Learn what your peers think about today’s cybersecurity risks and mitigation strategies in this free survey report from HelpSystems.

2. Organizations are still putting sensitive data at risk.

The GoAnywhere team at RSA 2018Even though standard FTP is clearly unsecure, many people told us they still rely on FTP as their main way to move files from one person, client, or trading partner to another. Others are using clunky free tools and manual scripting, which are inefficient and unreliable at best, and lack critical security features at worst. Many of you shared that your wish list for better file transfers includes reliability, efficiency, consistency, ease of use, and centralization.

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We were excited to show booth visitors how a managed file transfer solution like GoAnywhere MFT makes it easy and safe to share sensitive information inside and outside your network. We also discussed how pressing issues like virus protection, privileged access management, and security policy management can be solved with the right cybersecurity solution.

3. When it comes to cybersecurity, we can all do better.

A common thread from speakers at RSA was that everyone, from IT and cybersecurity professionals to vendors to educators, needs to do better. The introduction of the GDPR in Europe has revealed that if we don’t, governments will take matters into their own hands by setting more regulations. Now is the time to work with government leaders, organizations, and vendors to improve cybersecurity practices worldwide.

Here are three things RSA’s keynote speakers recommended trying:

Take a step back from your usual cybersecurity methods.

John N. Stewart, Cisco Senior Vice President and Chief Security & Trust Officer, challenged organizations to ask:

  • Where are we today? Evaluate what protections you have in place and where you have room for improvement.
  • Where are we going? Imagine where your organization wants to be in one year or five years.
  • What will we do to get where we want to go? Doing the same things we’ve always done guarantees the same results. We have to think differently.

These questions involve some imagination and may require organizations to scrap their current cybersecurity methods for a better plan.

Hire diverse teams.

Stewart recommended that organizations put effort into hiring diverse teams. If a team is too likeminded, with similar backgrounds and educations, they may stall when confronted with unique situations and requirements. Meanwhile, diverse teams are more able to think outside the box and and tackle problems that homogenous teams have struggled to solve.

Do what’s right, not simply what’s possible.

Samir Kapuria, Symantec Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cyber Security Services, shared this statement during his keynote: as technology and humanity converge in robotics, AI, machine learning, and more, making ethical choices will matter even more. These choices start with each of us.

If you’re involved with protecting data and infrastructure from threats, you should be at RSA. This conference is an annual gathering place for bright minds to connect and debate on the biggest cybersecurity issues of our era. We’re already looking forward to 2019 and hope to see you there!

Don’t wait for RSA 2019 to secure your file transfers!

Faster, safer, centralized file transfers are easier than you think. See how GoAnywhere MFT can help.

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