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Introducing GoAnywhere MFT 5.7: New Cloud Integrations and Other Features

GoAnywhere MFT releases with web and cloud cloud integrations

The latest version of our secure managed file transfer solution is live! Today GoAnywhere MFT 5.7 released with a variety of new features and updates, including brand-new Cloud Connectors, enhancements to our remote MFT agents, and folder monitors for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

Want to see everything we added and changed in this release? View our 5.7 release notes.

New in 5.7: Cloud Connectors

We’re excited to share that GoAnywhere MFT 5.7 now offers Cloud Connectors with built-in integrations to help you automatically move data to and from popular applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Box, and Dropbox.

Why did we add these integrations?

We know that cloud migration is a growing challenge for many companies. In fact, according to recent data collected by a HelpSystems survey, organizations are moving up to 25% of their computing infrastructure to a third-party cloud.

As our customers use more cloud applications and move data to the cloud, easy integration with cloud and web applications has been one of their top requests. For those reasons, we’ve included Cloud Connectors in GoAnywhere MFT 5.7 to simplify how you exchange files with the applications you use everyday—without requiring secondary tools or solutions to keep things connected.

Why should I keep an eye on this feature?

Alongside our release of Cloud Connectors, we also launched a Cloud Connector Marketplace that customers can use to find and download new integrations. Installation is instant and doesn’t require a software update.

We’re also planning to add many new Cloud Connectors in the future. If you don’t see the one you want, visit the marketplace often. But if you don’t feel like waiting … you don’t have to! Our drag-and-drop designer interface, also new to version 5.7, makes it quick and easy to build your own Cloud Connectors.

What can I use Cloud Connectors for?

Cloud Connectors can be used for many reasons. It all depends on the connector you choose and why you’ve decided to install it. For example, if you need to retrieve customer information from Salesforce but don’t have software that directly integrates with that data, you could download GoAnywhere’s Salesforce Cloud Connector as a seamless solution. This out-of-the-box integration would allow you to connect to the Salesforce ecosystem and pull CRM data down for local processing, instead of creating and maintaining a homegrown integration of your own.

Want to learn more about Cloud Connectors?

Explore the Cloud Connectors we currently offer by visiting our Cloud Integrations page.

What else is New in GoAnywhere 5.7?

This release also saw updates to our remote MFT agents, additions to our folder monitors, and new GoAnywhere commands for our Key Management System (KMS).

GoFast on Agents

GoAnywhere MFT 5.7 supports adding GoFast tasks to agents (GoFast is a file transfer acceleration protocol in GoAnywhere MFT), which can be used to transmit file transfers faster between remote locations that have MFT agents installed.

FTP and FTPS on Agents

You can now initiate FTP and FTPS file transfers directly from remote agent systems without using system resources on the servers where GoAnywhere is installed. This will reduce connections and bandwidth on those servers.

Cloud Folder Monitors

Monitor your Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure folders to detect when new files are added by business partners, clients, employees, or other parties. When a new file appears, you can set up GoAnywhere to kick off a workflow to process the files.

GoAnywhere Commands

In version 5.7, users can now automate the management of the new Key Management System through GoAnywhere API command interface. You can import and export keys/certificates through these APIs, get keys for encrypting and decrypting data, allow customer applications and third-party software to interact with GoAnywhere’s KMS, and more.

Try GoAnywhere MFT 5.7 in Your Environment

Version 5.7 of our managed file transfer solution is now available. Whether you’re a GoAnywhere customer or are looking for an MFT solution to meet your organization’s specific needs, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this release. Here’s how you can try 5.7 today:

If You’re Already Using GoAnywhere

It’s easy to get started with these features! If you are an existing customer, perform a “Check for Updates” within the GoAnywhere administrator by going to Help > Check for Updates.

To explore the Cloud Connectors we have available, just visit the Cloud Connector Marketplace. Log into your admin interface in GoAnywhere, then navigate to System > Cloud Connectors and click “Add Connector.”

If You’re New to GoAnywhere

See how Cloud Connectors can protect your data in transit to and from the web and cloud services you use every day. Try version 5.7 for yourself with a free, 30-day trial—or watch this on-demand webinar to get more details about the release.

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