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Introducing GoAnywhere MFT for AWS and Azure Cloud File Transfers

Install GoAnywhere MFT from the AWS or Azure cloud marketplaces

Are you looking for a solution that automates the movement of files between your on-premises and cloud environments? As cloud computing platforms become more commonplace, organizations are starting to shift their file transfer processes from in-house tools and scripts to secure solutions that promote strong cybersecurity practices, user management, auditing and reporting functionality, and high availability.

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) is an all-in-one, enterprise-level solution that improves how you achieve cloud data integration and exchange files with employees, customers, and trading partners. Whether you’re mostly on-premises, use a hybrid environment, or are running in the cloud, GoAnywhere can help simplify your file transfer processes by automating your file movement, reducing manual errors and complicated user management, maintaining compliance requirements for state and federal regulations, and much more.

GoAnywhere encrypts each file in transit and at rest, no matter if it resides on a local server or in a cloud folder you share with stakeholders. Detailed audit logs for all file transfer activity offer insight into the movement of critical transmissions, and built-in security and user management controls help you limit who has access to sensitive data stored on your on-premises and cloud servers.

Want to improve the security of your cloud data?

Learn how GoAnywhere can help in this white paper.

You can deploy GoAnywhere to several cloud computing platforms. With the recent addition of GoAnywhere MFT to Amazon Web Services’s and Microsoft Azure’s cloud marketplaces, getting started with secure file transfers is easier than ever.

Amazon Web Services

You can use GoAnywhere's AWS cloud data integration to secure, automate, and encrypt the file transfers you store or exchange in your AWS cloud environment. GoAnywhere runs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to safeguard sensitive information, track cloud file transfer activity, and meet compliance requirements for processing and transferring data outside your internal network.

GoAnywhere MFT can integrate with your AWS cloud environment to:

  • Support popular standards like SFTP, SCP, FTPS, and Open PGP
  • Work with Amazon S3 Buckets for file storage
  • Utilize existing NFS mounts and SMB/CIFS network shares
  • Monitor cloud folders for new files and user activity
  • Run transfers from Cron jobs and external scripts
  • Execute shell scripts and remote SSH commands
  • Authenticate and synchronize users with LDAP integration

Get Started: Explore GoAnywhere in the AWS marketplace for Windows or Linux.

Microsoft Azure

GoAnywhere MFT also supports cloud data integration for Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform to protect the files you exchange with trading partners and customers in your Azure cloud environment. GoAnywhere eliminates the need for custom programs and scripts, providing stability and peace of mind for critical file transmissions.

GoAnywhere MFT can integrate in your Azure cloud environment to:

  • Support popular standards like SFTP, SCP, FTPS, and Open PGP
  • Work with Azure Blob Storage for secure file transfers
  • Utilize existing NFS mounts and SMB/CIFS network shares
  • Monitor cloud folders for new files and user activity
  • Run transfers from Cron jobs and external scripts
  • Execute shell scripts and remote SSH commands

GoAnywhere includes a robust set of user management features for Microsoft users, allowing you to authenticate against LDAP or Microsoft’s Active Directory. You can also connect to a variety of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, to export or import data.

Get Started: Explore GoAnywhere in the Azure marketplace for Windows or Linux.

High Availability in the Cloud

Need to ensure your cloud environment runs at maximum high availability?

You can depend on our MFT solution for high availability across Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. GoAnywhere MFT can scale to your volume of file transfers and distribute processes across multiple cloud instances for load balancing. If a server goes offline, GoAnywhere will seamlessly route your file transfers to live servers, keeping you from experiencing dreaded downtime.

GoAnywhere Benefits Organizations in the Cloud

You can install GoAnywhere MFT from either cloud marketplace once you have a GoAnywhere license (AWS and Azure both require you to bring your own license). To purchase a license, contact us for details.

You can also start a trial of our solution to receive an evaluation license.

Would you benefit from implementing MFT software in the cloud? See how GoAnywhere achieves cloud data integration with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in this on-demand webinar.

Watch the Webinar

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