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9 Ways to Use GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Integrations

how to use cloud integrations for managed file transfer

There are many benefits to having a managed file transfer solution that supports built-in cloud integrations. From trading important files with business partners in Dropbox to automatically updating billing information in Salesforce from a central location, web app integrations in an MFT solution can simplify your critical file transfer and business processes even more than usual.

Last year, the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution from HelpSystems released support for its out-of-the-box cloud integration feature: Cloud Connectors. GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connectors allow GoAnywhere users to easily integrate with the external cloud and web applications they use every day, including services like SharePoint, Salesforce, JIRA, Dropbox, and Google Translate.

New integrations are frequently added to GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Marketplace. This means if you’re an organization that uses GoAnywhere MFT for your file transfer needs, you’re likely to find a connector that will benefit you and your business processes.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are 9 examples of the benefits you can achieve with GoAnywhere MFT’s Cloud Connectors.

General Cloud Integration Benefits

Not all cloud integration benefits are application specific. Check out these four general benefits, applicable to organizations of any size and industry:

1. Use cloud connectors to automate your data, processes, and other tasks.

Once you’ve installed a cloud integration from the Cloud Connector Marketplace, you can configure the web or cloud service’s connection properties as a GoAnywhere resource. This allows you to use the resource in a workflow or cloud file transfer to automate the movement of your data.

Take, for example, GoAnywhere’s Dropbox Cloud Connector. Let’s say you need to retrieve a trading partner file from a shared Dropbox folder. By adding the cloud connector to a project workflow that automatically downloads files to your environment, you can simplify your Dropbox processes and resources—all without manual interference.

Since cloud connectors must be part of a workflow to run, you could choose to push the automation component even further. GoAnywhere could process your Dropbox files, place them in a folder, send you (or another admin) a notification, and more. With over 60 built-in project tasks, the sky’s the limit for workflow automation.

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2. You can string multiple web services together for end-to-end integration.

There’s good news for organizations with multiple web services to juggle: GoAnywhere can streamline complex processes by stringing several cloud integrations into a single workflow. For a realistic look at what this means, consider a team that passes files between Dropbox and Salesforce regularly:

With GoAnywhere’s Dropbox and Salesforce Cloud Connectors installed, an IT admin could build a workflow that automatically downloads a file from Dropbox, reads the contents of the file, and uploads that data to Salesforce. This simple project helps reduce the team’s processes and improve service-to-service connectivity without requiring coding knowledge or manual scripting.

3. GoAnywhere’s built-in integration designer allows you to get creative.

Don’t see the integration you’re looking for in GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Marketplace? While new ones are always being added to the product, there’s no need to wait. GoAnywhere makes it easy for users to design their own integrations. A built-in Cloud Connector Designer gives you the chance to experiment with the connectors on your own, and best of all, creating a unique cloud integration for your organization doesn't require programming knowledge!

4. Adding new integrations to GoAnywhere is easy and painless.

Having to update your MFT software any time you want to add something new is a pain. That’s why GoAnywhere has made adding an integration as quick a process as possible. Connect to a web or cloud service any time, whenever it’s needed, without a software update. All you need to do is download it from the Cloud Connector Marketplace, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple!

Web and Cloud App-Specific Benefits

Curious about real-life use cases for GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connectors? Here are five additional cloud integrations we support and a few different ways you could use them in your organization:

1. Google Drive

If you rely on Google Drive to collaborate with coworkers, trading partners, and clients, GoAnywhere’s Google Drive Cloud Connector is for you.

With this integration, you can automate the files you transfer between your private servers, other applications, and Google Drive, as well as simplify key job processes by managing the files placed in your Google Drive account. You can also make or move directories, change files, sync the latest versions of shared content, and more.

Similar GoAnywhere Integrations: Google Cloud Storage, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint


GoAnywhere’s JIRA Cloud Connector makes tracking issues in JIRA’s software manageable. Use this cloud integration to track and modify issues, versions, fields, and more, thereby simplifying your daily JIRA processes.

How does it work? Create an issue, search for an existing issue, manage comments or worklog entries that have been added to an issue, and much more from a central, secure location.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM software, you can manage and control customer data with GoAnywhere’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Connector. This cloud integration will help you achieve critical Microsoft Dynamics 365 processes without ever requiring you to open the Dynamics 365 application.

For example, you can retrieve and load customer information into a database on your server, add new contacts to Dynamics 365 directly from your GoAnywhere environment, or search for an existing case and update it with new information, all while saving time and ensuring optimum data security.

Similar GoAnywhere Integrations: Salesforce, Trello

4. Jenkins

How do you currently manage jobs on your Jenkins server? Whatever the process, there’s a possibility it could be better—so why not simplify your Jenkins processes with GoAnywhere’s Jenkins Cloud Connector? This integration allows you to build, enable, disable, and delete any job running on your Jenkins server, as well as import new jobs into the Jenkins environment or export existing jobs out for use on other servers.

5. Azure Data Lake Storage

GoAnywhere also supports cloud integrations for Microsoft Azure. GoAnywhere’s Azure Data Lake Storage Cloud Connector allows you to exchange secure file transfers between your private network and the Azure Data Lake Storage’s scalable repository for big data analytics. Use this cloud integration to upload, rename, download, move, and delete files in your Azure Data Lake Storage solution.

Try Our Cloud Connectors for Yourself

Are you ready to get started with our web and cloud app integrations?

If you’re a GoAnywhere user, you already have access to the Cloud Connector Marketplace. Just log into your admin interface in GoAnywhere, then navigate to System > Cloud Connectors and click "Add Connector" to search the Marketplace and find the integrations you’re looking for.

If you aren't a GoAnywhere user, there’s still some good news. You can give our Cloud Connectors a try for 30 days! Discover how GoAnywhere’s cloud integrations can streamline connectivity with the apps you use every day by downloading a free GoAnywhere trial.

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