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We're #1, But Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Oscar statuette celebrating GoAnywhere winning Best MFT Product

Hollywood’s awards season is just wrapping up, but software rankings are always ongoing – and like Best Picture, who wins Best Product is a pretty big deal! Research groups and review sites release standings throughout the year, and users communicate feedback on products they love (and hate) regularly.

We’re lucky that users love GoAnywhere MFT and they’re not afraid to share it. Thanks to them, we’re proud to say that GoAnywhere is ranked #1 as the Best MFT Solution.

What’s the Best MFT Product?

Ranked as the Best Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software by G2, GoAnywhere leads the pack for both mid-market and enterprise businesses. Because GoAnywhere is flexible and scalable, the software can evolve to fit your emerging business needs; no more writing new scripts to solve your file transfer problems or auditing your data movement at the last minute.

John P. writes, “the flexibility of GoAnywhere MFT is our favorite feature, it can be configured to automate so many of the tasks we used to perform manually or with clunky Linux scripts. With GoAnywhere MFT we have full logging and auditing capabilities, and the advanced reporting tools are excellent.” Read the full review on G2.

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Besides auditing, logging, and automation tools, it’s useful to consider your specific business needs when evaluating an MFT solution. Do you need to:

With GoAnywhere MFT, you can do all the above, and more. Plus, these features come alongside the fundamentals of MFT: encryption, security, and centralization.

See all our G2 awards in one video:


Which MFT Software is Easiest to Use?

In this category, GoAnywhere MFT has some breadth. Besides winning “Easiest to Use” from G2, we were also awarded:

  • Easiest Setup
  • Most Implementable
  • Easiest Admin
  • Best Support
  • Easiest to do Business With

What makes GoAnywhere MFT such an easy product to use?

It all starts with our intuitive customizable interface and drag-and-drop workflow builder. And if you ever run into a roadblock, our world-class support makes it easy to get in touch with other users through the forum, or support staff via email, over chat, or on the phone.

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“Easy to use, flexible, and reliable,” says one Administrator. “GA MFT is like a visual programming language. Anyone can jump in and start designing transfers. As you learn the ins and outs of GA MFT the user can create increasingly integrated and complicated projects for automating workflow.” Read the full review on G2.

With an easy to use MFT product, even less tech-savvy folks in your organization can take over file transfer work and free up more time for business-critical tasks.

What MFT Solution Are Users Likely to Recommend?

You probably know the answer to this one – G2 analyzed the data and GoAnywhere is the enterprise MFT software that users are most likely to recommend (they even gave us a badge!).

One reviewer says, "we have been able to centralize all our MFT scripts which were scattered in a lot of different servers and applications….Our business teams have seen the value as the effort it takes to orchestrate a use-case is less than a week" – and when asked about cons, he says "After using the product for 6+ years, nothing comes to mind that I did not like about this product." Read the full review on Capterra.

Curious about what other users say? Watch this video:


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