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We're Emotional - About Ranking #1 in Info-Tech's Newest Report

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We’ve Caught the Feels

We’re emotional, it’s true. Info-Tech's latest results are in for their Managed File Transfer Emotional Footprint Report! Out of nearly 40 vendors evaluated and 580 reviews submitted, we’re proud to say GoAnywhere MFT ranked #1 with the highest Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) score.

GoAnywhere MFT's number one rank in the Info-Tech Emotional Footprint Report

This NEF score’s purpose is to measure high-level user sentiment towards products. It is an emotional response rating based on the vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness. It creates a powerful indicator of the overall feeling between the user and the product.

Although our NEF score was superior, what categories were we ranked on? Observe below to see the highlighted areas.

Service Experience

Good service absolutely matters. When the quality and effectiveness of service was brought into question, GoAnywhere hit it out of the park in each sub-category. We were found to be:

  • Respectful – over disrespectful
  • Efficient – over bureaucratic
  • Caring – over neglectful
  • Effective – over frustrating
  • Time Saving – over time wasting

Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, disagreements do happen, but finding the right vendor to handle them reasonably, fairly, and amiably offers peace of mind. When GoAnywhere’s conflict resolving style was put to the test, we were found to be high in integrity, altruistic, trustworthy and fair, and with a good balance of vendor friendly vs. client friendly policies.

Negotiation and Contract

Negotiation is about finding a vendor who will work with you rather than against you. GoAnywhere not only negotiates pleasantly, we were found to be generous, transparent, and likely to put the client’s interests first. Along with supplying friendly negotiation, we were also found to provide a low chance of over promising and a high chance of delivering past expectations.

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Strategy and Innovation

Attitude towards innovation is important. A vendor who keeps pace with market directions and trends is a great way to enable a client to get ahead themselves. GoAnywhere not only appreciates the need to innovate, we act on our word. We were found to sufficiently:

  • Help Innovate – over roadblock innovation
  • Continually Improve – over staying stagnant
  • Include Product Enhancements – over charging for product enhancements
  • Appreciate Incumbent Status – over leverage incumbent status
  • Be Inspiring – over being despised

Product Impact

Software not only needs to reliably enable your performance, but your productivity as well. GoAnywhere MFT is committed to propelling its users forward, not leaving them as dead weight without a good team to carry them. When GoAnywhere’s product impact was questioned we were found to be reliable, an enabler of productivity, performance enhancing, full of unique features, and security that reliably protects.

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In the Mood to Catch Feelings?

Download the Managed File Transfer Emotional Footprint Report in full for the feature-length scoop on why GoAnywhere MFT achieved the highest Net Emotional Footprint Score among our competitors.

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