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What’s New in GoAnywhere 6.5?

A look into what’s new for GoAnywhere

What’s New in GoAnywhere?

If you transfer sensitive files often, the newest version of GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT), GoAnywhere MFT 6.5, is a great update to the award-winning solution.

Filled with beneficial enhancements, this latest version of GoAnywhere MFT supports strong and secure file transfers in a variety of ways.

Read on for a brief look into the new version and see what’s getting an upgrade.

Enhanced Secure Forms

With this upgrade you can now take advantage of more powerful and flexible Secure Forms capabilities.

Many of you wanted to see better navigation between Secure Forms, and we’re excited that you can now make use of dynamic component blocks and more granular navigation. With reworked redirection, you can now route the Secure Form response task within a project.

Secure Mail Upgrade + SMS Cloud Connectors

Send email and large files securely with our modernized look and feel to our Secure Mail Outlook plug-in. We’ve also done extensive work to the backend that will make your Secure Mail experience better, now and in the future.

GoAnywhere also now has a full-fledged SMS add-on that utilizes our Cloud Connector technology. With this you can use any SMS provider to send passwords via text messages as part of automated workflows. As long as the SMS provider has a web service interface, GoAnywhere can work with whatever provider you have implemented.

SFTP Security Enhancements

GoAnywhere now offers more granular SFTP security right out of the box, with support for additional host key and public key authentication algorithms. This can remove weaker algorithms and support stronger ones by default, enhancing security as much as possible.


You can now deploy GoAnywhere as a SaaS solution, thanks to our new MFTaaS offering.

With GoAnywhere MFTaaS, you can get all the benefits of GoAnywhere MFT, minus the uncertainty of managing cloud infrastructure or installing software on-premises.

PeSIT Server Implementation

You can now use our PeSIT server to meet standards and accept communications from the banking industry all throughout Europe. The PeSIT server can be used alongside our PeSIT Client, which allows for the initiation of communications.

There’s More Where That Came From

Read the full release notes for more on the 6.5 update.

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