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The Goanywhere MFT is super easy and flexible. Able to create and test brand new file transfers in a couple of hours. Transfer un-encrypted and encrypted files over SFTP. Took only minutes to set up program to encrypt files using PGP. Import both internal and external images into our imaging system automatically without manual intervention. Best of all we easily have set up notifications through email to notify the appropriate people when a scheduled project has run and whether it ran successfully or not.

George Moisant III | The Gray Insurance Company

The trial compelled us to purchase the product. There's no better way to convince us to purchase than to give us the keys to the car and let us take it for a spin.

Stephen D. , Sr. Systems Analyst | Logistics

GoAnywhere has solved multiple problems by replacing an archaic file transfer management application and several manual FTP processes while providing a consistent and reliable platform that has been flexible enough to allow us to expand our day to day automation.

Open Systems Developer | Higher Education

Why GoAnywhere MFT?

GoAnywhere MFT helps you secure, automate, and centralize your file transfers.

GoAnywhere helps you streamline and secure your file transfers. See these features and benefits at work in your organization with a commitment-free trial.

Support for Any Environment: Install our solution on the platform of your choice. GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer can be deployed on-premises, to the cloud, or in hybrid environments, including on platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Automatic Encryption: Secure the integrity and contents of your files without processing each one manually. Organizations can encrypt their data with several popular encryption technologies and automate the process with GoAnywhere workflows and projects.

Secure File Exchange with Trading Partners: Safeguard your data in motion. GoAnywhere uses industry-standard file transfer protocols like SFTP, FTPS, and AS2 to protect the files you send to your trading partners. File transfer automation can even streamline this process for you while maintaining the highest level of file security.

Monitoring & Notifications: Monitor your activity and receive notifications for triggered events of your choosing. GoAnywhere logs all file transfer and administrator activity. You can view this information in a dashboard or distribute it to others as PDF reports. Email and SMS notifications ensure you're always aware of what's going on.

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