ServiceNow Cloud Connector

Transfer data securely between ServiceNow and GoAnywhere

Make CRM data transfer simple. Connect ServiceNow and GoAnywhere right out of the box with our secure cloud integration. Easily move data between ServiceNow and GoAnywhere for more efficient workflows and automated business processes.

This integration can be used to retrieve, set, update, and delete records from tables in ServiceNow.

How It Works

Once you’ve installed the ServiceNow Cloud Connector into your GoAnywhere MFT environment, you can complete actions like:

  • Get Records: Returns all records within a table
  • Get Record: Returns a specific record within a table
  • Insert Record: Inserts or adds a record to a table
  • Updated Record: Updates a record within a table
  • Delete Record: Deletes a record in a table
Cloud Connector Marketplace

Cloud Connector Marketplace

Finding new cloud integrations for your environment is a breeze! With GoAnywhere MFT’s Cloud Connector Marketplace, users have access to many of the industry’s most popular APIs, including Jenkins, JIRA, Trello, Zendesk, and Google Cloud Storage.

Custom connectors can be also designed using GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Designer—no coding or programming experience necessary! In addition, new GoAnywhere connectors can be downloaded without needing to update the software.

Already have GoAnywhere installed?
To access the Cloud Connector Marketplace, log into your admin interface in GoAnywhere, then navigate to System > Add-ons and click “Browse Marketplace.”

Want to integrate ServiceNow and GoAnywhere?

Simplify how you move and update CRM data with our ServiceNow cloud integration. We’d be happy to share pricing information or help you get started with a free 30-day trial.