Virtual Folders Highlight GoAnywhere Services 3.0

Omaha, Neb - September 26, 2012

Accessing files quickly across growing storage networks while ensuring data remains secure is crucial for any company in today's business environment. The latest release of GoAnywhere Services 3.0 with its new "Virtual Folders" feature and network shares option makes secure online access to information seamless for the end user and easy to configure for the organization.

GoAnywhere Services is a popular Secure FTP Server and HTTPS File Transfer solution that allows trading partners to exchange files with the organization in a secured and audited environment. Sensitive data like personally identifiable information is protected from hackers with strong encryption algorithms and an optional NIST-Certified FIPS 140-2 module.

GoAnywhere Services' new Virtual Folders feature gives trading partners specified access to individual files and folders. These granular folder and file permissions include settings for read, write, delete and rename at every level. For instance, a trading partner could be allowed to upload files into a specific inbound folder while having authority to download files from several designated outbound folders, regardless of where they are physically located on the network.

Authorized folders and files can be made private to a specific trading partner account or can be shared with multiple partners. For instance, an organization may want to provide a group of purchase orders to a specific vendor, but share general price notifications with all vendors. This configuration is made possible through group permissions which makes it easy for administrators to share folders with several partners at once.

The virtual folders save time and confusion for end users, as well. Each virtual folder can be referenced with a unique alias name. If a folder has a long cryptic name like "\outbound\orders\partner_748293," the virtual folder alias can display a user-friendly name like "orders."

The new 3.0 release also includes a network share resource where administrators define connections to other file servers in the organization's network using the popular SMB/CIFS protocol. These shares work in conjunction with the virtual folders to provide trading partners access to authorized files and folders almost anywhere on the network, including on Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and IBM i systems.

"Virtual Folders and the new SMB/CIFS network shares are big steps forward for GoAnywhere Services," says Bob Luebbe, Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] Chief Architect. "Our customers are thrilled that they can integrate their customers and vendors so quickly, all while keeping in compliance with strict regulations like PCI DSS and HIPAA." 

Version 3.0 also includes

  • New file-level permissions to indicate if a file can be appended or overwritten
  • Invitations for authorized users to send to prompt others to use GoAnywhere Services
  • Fast transition from development to production environments, with trading partner accounts and trigger definitions able to be exported or promoted among installations of GoAnywhere Services
  • API interface for adding and removing trading partner user accounts that can be called from a command line, user scripts and/or Java programs
  • Faster Web Client navigation with enhanced keyboard shortcuts that launch file transfers with the press of a key.

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