Carl Gottlieb, Senior iSeries Analyst/Programmer | Medical University of South Carolina


Medical University of South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is South Carolina's only comprehensive academic medical center.

We spoke with GoAnywhere customer Carl Gottlieb, Senior iSeries Analyst/Programmer at Medical University of South Carolina, while attending the 2014 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition.


Carl, tell us a little about your role at MUSC.

Medical University of South Carolina is a hospital and a university, and it's something called a physician's group which runs all the clinics around the area.

We are involved with paying the doctors, making sure that the people get billed from these clinics and these various offices around the area. We make sure everything works and make sure we coordinate with the hospital and the university.

How are you using GoAnywhere in your organization?

On a monthly basis, we send interfaces out to all the insurance companies, so we run the program on the iSeries that generates the file. We have GoAnywhere picking it up and calling a specific project.

We get the file down, actually transmitting it with a SFTP in most cases. I replace the embedded code in the RPG programs to say:
  • I want to send this file and this library.
  • I want to send it to this folder in this directory on this server.
  • I want to send it in this format.
  • I can send in Excel, send it in text, and send in a CSV file.

I've been able to automate a lot of that stuff, and it's been really a pleasure to work with. I can load this up into tables so makes it very, very easy.

In many cases you're using PGP encryption -- by the way it's great to use PGP encryption on this machine because you have one place to really control everything -- so it really is great.

We send it to the vendor, back it up into a backup library of what we send, interpret that file with SQL and send a copy with just the pertinent information to the users so that they can see it and put it into their folder. That's been a tremendous help, and it's made everything just so much simpler.

What has been your experience with GoAnywhere customer support?

Any time I've had an issue or a problem, they get on it right away. They try to answer it with emails, but if they can't or there is still confusion, they will get right on the phone with you.

They will get into your system, work through it with you and help you make the changes.

If there's something you're not sure about, they will actually say, "do this", "go through this". They'll take me step by step through the process. And they are great.

Do you have any final thoughts on GoAnywhere you'd like to share?

If you're doing a lot of FTP, if you're backing up and sending files down to your system, to your various users -- this is a piece of cake.

This makes your life easier. I can't imagine why anybody wouldn't want to use it.

Very pleased with the product. I think you guys are one of the most professional groups that I've ever encountered.