Matthew Booher, President | WIS:DOM Information Systems, Inc.


WIS:DOM Information Systems

WIS:DOM Information Systems is an IBM Business Partner specializing in warehouse management systems. They provide relevant business solutions to logistics challenges for 3PL's and manufacturers.

We spoke with GoAnywhere customer Matthew Booher, President of WIS:DOM, while attending the 2014 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition.


How did you first hear about GoAnywhere?

The first time I heard about GoAnywhere was from another GoAnywhere user.

Knowing that somebody we knew was using the product every single day and spoke so highly of it really made us turn our heads to say, "We need to really take a look at this product".

How long did it take to make your first transfer "live" with GoAnywhere?

As a warehouse management system providing data communications for our 3PL customers, it was very quick and easy to set the product up. And then within the first day we had our first connection live.

Some customers are set up with a direct connection between us and a variety of formats--some FTP, some SFTP, some FTPS. Once we had one set up, it was very easy to just mimic what we were doing there for other customers.

How has GoAnywhere benefitted your organization?

GoAnywhere is our bread and butter. I mean, it's helpful every single day with the way we communicate. The lifeline for a third-party logistics provider is the communications that they have to their customers.

We're running 1,500 to 2,000 jobs a day that are just going out there and executing. The only ones that I have to go look at then are the ones that have failed. So when I look at my pie chart, and I see that I have seven red transactions, I just simply click on that.

...Gives me a list of those that didn't go through, and then I can very quickly ascertain why that particular transaction or connection didn't work and resolve that.

What GoAnywhere features have you found to be most beneficial?

There are some built in features that we use every single day that I didn't even realize when we purchased the product. For example, the file manager gives us a great view into the IFS and the files that we use every single day.

And I use it not only for the files that we're pulling in through GoAnywhere, I also use it for other files that we have out on the IFS. So that's kind of a bonus that we're able to manage our IFS files a lot better with GoAnywhere.

We have the system set up to send us an email to tell us that certain things are happening. And I'm going, "I'm kind of tired of seeing those emails", so I turned them off one day. The next day I turned them back on. There was just a security blanket in seeing oh, this particular one happened, that particular one happened.

I have one job that does kick off at 2:00 AM in the morning, the most important customer. And I can't tell you how many times -- including today -- I looked at my phone from my bedside, saw that Linoma GoAnywhere message was there, that we picked up a file. And put the back in my cradle and got a few more hours sleep.

It's telling us, proactively, what's happening. It really saves us a lot of time and headache knowing either things did happen or things did not happen. If they did not happen, then we can launch an investigation as to why.

What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to purchase GoAnywhere?

Looking at the cost of the product versus some of the other products that we had seen out there, it was very reasonably priced. GoAnywhere brought everything all together in one place.