Marketing Service Provider Eliminates Complex In-House Processes by Deploying GoAnywhere MFT in the Cloud

Industry: IT & Telecom

For one big data, analytics, and marketing service provider, data isn’t just a fact of business—it’s an integral part of how the organization runs. But when their file sharing solution sunset, leaving them to find a reliable, secure replacement for 10,000 weekly file transfers, they decided to move their processes to the cloud to reduce the number of processes they had previously managed on-premises.

After evaluating several solutions, this company found GoAnywhere MFT most closely matched their needs for a high ROI, ease of deployment, and cloud compatibility.

Sunsetting Legacy File Transfer Solution

Before GoAnywhere, this company used Connect Enterprise to secure their file transfers. The solution met some of their encryption and transfer needs, but the features were basic and required a few of the programmers in the company to create in-house workarounds. They maintained a series of time-consuming processes until Connect Enterprise was acquired and retired by IBM.

The marketing service provider found that GoAnywhere MFT rose above the other products they considered. It met their test use cases and satisfied their desire for an affordable solution with helpful features that could process their file transfers in the cloud.

“Compared to a deployment of other solutions, GoAnywhere was more affordable,” said one of their System Architects. “We also saw the processes that we’ve built over time and realized how over-complicated some of it was. GoAnywhere allows us to be as detailed as we want, yet keep things from going overboard.”

Deploying GoAnywhere to an Amazon AWS Environment

Once this company purchased GoAnywhere MFT, they immediately deployed it to a cloud environment. They chose Amazon Web Services as their cloud computing platform.

AWS offered them a variety of services that work alongside GoAnywhere, making integration a simple, streamlined process. Very few changes were required from their trading partners, too, except for altering any automated processes to reference a new endpoint.

Surprising Benefits of GoAnywhere MFT

By transitioning to GoAnywhere and the cloud, this company has eliminated multiple in-house processes. They’ve also discovered and used GoAnywhere’s built-in features, like security for password management and shared secure folders.

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“We’ve started to roll out GoAnywhere’s Secure Folders module. Users can self-enroll in an account that maps back to their user ID. Then, they can share files amongst each other,” said the System Architect. Unlike other solutions, like Google Drive and Dropbox, this feature gives his team control over what files are shared and who they’re shared with. All file transfer activity is tracked and recorded in GoAnywhere’s detailed audit logs.

GoAnywhere also integrates well with Amazon Web Service’s many cloud offerings. This company decided to use a number of AWS services that weren’t strictly EC2 instances, such as clustering, load balancing, and queueing, to speed up their business processes. Together with GoAnywhere MFT, they were able to create a well-balanced system that handled their needs and didn’t require programming resources or on-premises maintenance.

An Exciting Solution with a Bright Future

Overall, this marketing service provider is happy with the quality and consistency of GoAnywhere MFT’s file transfers. They plan to expand their implementation of the product to include use of GoAnywhere’s key management services (KMS).

The company’s IT team is also pleased by how easy it’s been to use GoAnywhere in the cloud. “Gutting all the security stuff we built in-house and using the comprehensive security features baked into GoAnywhere instead has been a huge time saver.”

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