Webinar: PCI DSS Requirements with Continuum

Avoiding the common mistakes
of a PCI DSS audit.

Are your credit and debit card transactions in compliance with the latest PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) guidelines?

Enjoy a FREE webinar with guest speakers Alan Sabatka and Bob Huerter from Continuum Security Solutions. From their unmatched expertise with PCI DSS audits, learn everything you need to know about:

  • The PCI DSS audit process
  • Common misconceptions and business mistakes
  • Best practices for meeting PCI DSS requirements

Don't miss this opportunity to learn something new about PCI DSS Requirements and how to improve your regulatory compliance.

View the on demand webinar today.

Are you sending credit card data unencrypted? Learn how to be PCI DSS compliant with GoAnywhere.
GoAnywhere is a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that allows you to simplify, encrypt and automate file transfers. GoAnywhere uses standard protocols to transfer and encrypt files using Open PGP, AES, FTPS, SFTP, AS2 and HTTPS

To learn more, download our white paper on "PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer".
With featured speakers:
Alan Sabatka - Continuum Security Solutions Bob Huerter - Continuum Security Solutions
Alan Sabatka, CISA, PCI QSA
Continuum Worldwide
Bob Huerter
Regional Sales Mgr.
Continuum Worldwide
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