HIPAA Data Security Best Practices

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In a healthcare environment increasingly dependent on the sharing of electronic protected health information (PHI), covered entities (CEs) must adopt best practices for safeguarding against unauthorized access to sensitive patient data. As a baseline, healthcare organizations need to address HIPAA technical safeguards governing access to ePHI, audit controls for logging data access, maintenance of data integrity, end-user authentication, and methods for securing transmitted data. While these technical requirements of HIPAA help inform data security best practices, they do provide detailed prescriptions for CEs and their business associates (BAs), which remains a pressing need across the industry.

In this presentation, Sentara Healthcare Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer Dan Bowden will share the integrated health system’s efforts to comply with HIPAA and protect sensitive files and patient information wherever and whenever accessed.

Learning objectives:
  • Assess current threats to the security of ePHI
  • Implement methods for managing access control
  • Enable audit controls to gain visibility into ePHI use
  • Safeguard against unauthorized change to sensitive patient data
  • Verify appropriate access to ePHI for individuals and organizations
  • Prevent modifications to transmitted data using integrity controls and encryption