Replacing FTP Scripts with Managed File Transfer

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About the Webinar

If you’re currently using FTP scripts or similar methods to transfer files, join us as our cybersecurity experts explain why using FTP and other insecure, manual methods are a threat to your organization's cybersecurity.

You’ll also be introduced to a secure FTP solution from HelpSystems that allows you to secure, centralize, and audit the sending and receiving of files, with a scalable and easy to manage solution.


Angela: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining today's webinar on replacing FTP Scripts with managed file transfer. Today we will explain why using FTP and other insecure manual methods is a threat to your organization's cybersecurity. We hope you find the presentation helpful. I'm here with my co-host Dan Freeman. Dan, are you there?

Dan Freeman: I am.

Angela: Excellent. Before we kick things off, I'll remind you that the event is scheduled for an hour and if you need leave or drop off at any point, we are recording the event and we'll send the link afterwards so you have it. You can feel free to ask questions throughout the presentation as we'll have team members online to answer them, and we'll try to answer a few verbally at the end as well. Finally, a survey will display at the close of the presentation. If you fill that out, it will give us good feedback on what parts of the presentation were most helpful. And you can also reiterate any questions that weren't answered on today's call and someone will get back to you shortly.

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