Is Your Remote Workforce a Top Security Risk?

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Comfy clothes. No commute. Zoom meetings. File exchange security threats. One of these things does not belong in your remote workforce environment.

The ever-increasing number of employees working remotely at least part of the workweek poses a top security threat to your organization, especially when sensitive files are being exchanged.

If your organization does not currently provide a secure, encrypted file exchange method, employees needing to collaborate will find their own and you may not like the results.

In this 60-minute webinar you’ll learn about how effective, efficient collaboration tools that meet your security standards can mean the difference between a secure file exchange and sensitive data landing in the wrong hands for a costly data breach situation. We’ll also cover:

  • Discrepancy between secure data policies and how employees actually send files
  • Why the lack of secure collaboration tools is a recipe for a data breach
  • The Importance of employee-friendly secure collaboration tools


If your organization exchanges files between employees or outside trading partners, this webinar is critical to locking down that information —no matter where it’s being sent from. Be sure to register to learn how user-friendly collaboration and security tools in GoAnywhere managed file transfer (MFT) can help address your remote workforce file security needs.



Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining today's webinar to discuss remote workforce security and what you can do to reduce your risk. I'm here today with our presenters, Eduard and Scott. Before we kick things off, I'm going to remind you that the event is scheduled for an hour and we are recording the event and we'll send the link out afterwards so you have it. Feel free to ask questions throughout and we'll try to answer a few verbally at the end as well if we have some time. Finally, a survey will display at the close of the presentation. If you can fill that out, that really helps us understand what parts of the presentation were most helpful and you can feel free to reiterate any questions that weren't answered during the broadcast today. With that, I'm going to introduce you to today's presenters, Eduard and Scott.

So, Eduard is a Solutions Engineer at HelpSystems, specialized on IT automation and cybersecurity solutions. With more than 12 years experience working in the field with companies both as professional services consultant and sales engineer, he's now primarily focused on helping to deal with today's data security challenges. Scott is a senior sales engineer with HelpSystems and is based in New Jersey. He has over 20 years of IT experience working in and managing IT teams in highly regulated industries. In this role, he works with and supports the largest Clearswift and GoAnywhere customers and prospects across North America. Eduard and Scott, thank you for being here and I will let you take it away.

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