FPS GOLD Handles High-Volume Banking Transfers with GoAnywhere MFT

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What are your options when you manage services for a number of community banks across the U.S. and you discover your file-transfer program is actually losing some files rather than moving them? When reliable file transfers are so critical to your central business functions, it's time to look for a better way.

Improving Capacity for High-Volume File Transfers

FPS GOLD is a banking services-management firm for community banks located in Provo, Utah. The company had been dissatisfied for several years with its existing managed file transfer (MFT) product.

"All of the transfers were automated," noted Mark Benson, senior vice-president of programming at FPS GOLD. "Inbound transfers would query the remote site looking for files to retrieve. Outbound transfers were event-driven. When a file was detected in a certain location with a specific file-naming pattern the file would be sent."

But there were problems. The system could only handle about 30,000 transfers a week, and sometimes files got lost.

"With our previous managed file transfer solution, we had to create special scripts to stagger the sending or receiving of files (e.g., two minutes between each transfer) to avoid losing files," Benson continued. "The system's log was overly verbose and made it difficult to detect transfers in error. Locating a problem could take 15-20 minutes. To resolve the issue could take up to an hour, depending on the point of failure."

FPS GOLD began their search for a better solution. "We were looking for a product that was more reliable, had a better user interface, was more customizable, and had better licensing and pricing options," Benson recalled. "It also had to meet our volume needs of about 120,000 transfers a month and support all secure file-delivery mechanisms. The MFT solution needed to be scalable with high-availability, and the user interface needed to be intuitive and customizable." An intuitive interface was important because "FPS GOLD believes in making banking processes simple and easy for our users," Benson emphasized.

Scalability Scores High

The company was excited when it discovered GoAnywhere MFT, a managed file transfer solution that lets enterprises secure and automate data exchanges with their trading partners, customers, employees, and internal systems.

GoAnywhere streamlines and manages data movement from a centralized location. It lets enterprises connect to almost any internal or external system and securely exchange data. GoAnywhere Gateway lets trading partners connect to GoAnywhere without having to open incoming ports into a private network or having to store sensitive information in a DMZ or perimeter network.

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"The clustered architecture of the GoAnywhere solution and the reviews we read gave us confidence that the product would be more reliable than the product we had been using," Benson said. "Also, the licensing/pricing scheme lets us grow indefinitely without worrying about additional licensing fees per user."

Top Takeaways

So far, there have been no significant problems with GoAnywhere for FPS GOLD. "We don't have much experience with troubleshooting to date, because we've seen few errors. However, the ability to view the job log for a specific project is a valuable time-saving feature," Benson said. "We have had a chance to use the support forum, which is quite helpful. Answers have been timely and accurate," he added.

Benson's only hesitation comes when he's asked what his favorite feature of GoAnywhere is. "That's a tough question," he admitted. "There are two, really. First, the ability to test connectivity and see the directories on the other side while in the middle of setup. Second, the stability of data transfers, especially when transferring multiple files at once."

When asked about how much time and money GoAnywhere saves FPS GOLD, Benson said, "Transfer setup and research and resolution of issues is faster. In time, we anticipate it will save us several hours a week. As for the cost, we project savings of roughly $12,000 per year in licensing fees over our previous solution."

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FPS GOLD is glad it made the switch to using GoAnywhere. "We highly recommend GoAnywhere to anyone who is looking for a solution with good high-availability, that is highly-customizable, stable, user-friendly and scalable," Benson concluded. "It has met and exceeded all of our needs and expectations. It's a great product and a great company to work with. We are very happy with our decision."

You can learn more about FPS GOLD by visiting their website.


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