ROI of Managed File Transfer

Aside from allowing IT staff to secure and automate file transfer tasks, one of the most attractive aspects of implementing an MFT solution is the practically guaranteed return on the investment. We have taken the guesswork out of calculating the ROI of MFT with our interactive calculator. Simply answer the questions and we’ll instantly give you a snapshot of how much money your organization could save with our GoAnywhere MFT solution!


No Such Thing as a Free File Transfer, Part I: How MFT Saves Time

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No Such Thing as a Free File Transfer, Part 2: Cost-effective Security

A software solution to secure your file transfers can bring you a great return on investment. Learn how to mitigate risk and protect your bottom line by choosing the right data security solution without breaking the bank. Read More 

No Such Thing as a Free File Transfer, Part 3: Are Your File Transfers Holding Back Business Growth?

A robust managed file transfer solution implemented now is key to business growth—and increased profits—down the road. The third installment of this series on the ROI of managed file transfer solutions focuses on how investing in MFT can help you scale your business. Read More