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GoAnywhere Services allows trading partners and remote employees
to securely connect to your organization and easily exchange files. Take a quick tour.


In today’s environment, it is critical that your trading partners can quickly exchange data with your organization without requiring complex interfaces or proprietary protocols.  Just as important, these transfers need to take place in a secure environment to protect your sensitive data assets.

GoAnywhere Services is a secure file server that allows your trading partners to connect to your authorized systems and exchange files using standard protocols.  Since it is an on-premises solution, you have localized control over trading partner accounts, files, folders, settings and permissions.

FTP, SFTP, FTPS and HTTPS server components are available within GoAnywhere Services.  You have the flexibility to choose which components are enabled to best suit your trading partner requirements.  Each server component is fully customizable. 

An optional web client allows your trading partners and remote employees to upload and download files directly through their browser using the secure HTTPS protocol.  No client software needs to be installed on their workstations, which is great for simple ad-hoc transfers.

GoAnywhere Services provides enterprise level security features to meet in-house policies and strict compliance requirements.  It includes support for active directory and LDEP authentication methods, non-standard ports, password policies, IP blacklists and white lists, login failure limits and folder permissions.  Communications can be protected using strong SSH, SSL and TLS encryption standards.

GoAnywhere Services allows for unlimited administrator users, who can configure the product remotely and securely right from their browsers. Intuitive wizards and templates allow administrators to set up trading partner accounts and permissions quickly.

Triggers can be configured in GoAnywhere Services to automatically process files after they are uploaded or downloaded by your trading partners.  For instance, you could configure a trigger to automatically move a file and call a program after a file is uploaded to you from a particular partner.

Finally, detailed audit logs with support for SYSLOG feeds will track all activity including logins, file uploads, downloads, errors, and other events.

It’s time to move beyond your legacy FTP server. Do business with the confidence knowing that your data transfers are taking place in a safe, audited and managed environment.

GoAnywhere Services.