Video: Enterprise File Transfer Solution


If you're not quite sure how Managed File Transfer fits into your data movement strategy,
please watch this short video!


The ability to share data quickly and securely is essential in today’s  fast-paced and integrated marketplace.  As you need to exchange more and more information with your external trading partners and other internal systems, these critical file transfers can no longer be trusted to unsecure PC tools and unreliable scripts.

GoAnywhere from HelpSystems is a proven solution that will give you peace of mind for your file transfers. It is simple to administer, but yet provides the enterprise-level security and automation needed to move data safely and efficiently.

With GoAnywhere, you can set up and manage your file transfer processes from a central location using an intuitive browser-based interface.  No special skills are needed. By eliminating the programming and manual steps traditionally required to move data, GoAnywhere will reduce costs and improve the quality of your file transfers.

GoAnywhere also helps you comply with security and privacy standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and state privacy laws.

GoAnywhere lets you control who has access to your valuable data through strong encryption and modern authentication methods.  All encryption and transport protocols comply with RFC standards for simplifying integration with your trading partners.

And finally, GoAnywhere keeps you in compliance by providing detailed audit logs of all file transfer activity.

Check out the GoAnywhere Director product if you need to initiate file transfers with your partners and servers, or need to perform multi-step workflows with your data.  Otherwise, look at the GoAnywhere Services and Gateway products if your partners need to connect to your organization for exchanging files. 

Successful file transfers are required to do business today.  You can rely on GoAnywhere to transfer your data efficiently, reliably and safely.