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AnMed Health Achieves Considerable IT Cost Savings with GoAnywhere MFT

Linoma Software [now HelpSystems], a leader in secure enterprise file storage and transfer software, is pleased to announce a new case study featuring one of its customers has been published on Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] and AnMed Health worked together to write the case study, which describes how a GoAnywhere enterprise managed file transfer solution helped AnMed Health achieve considerable savings on Data Center operations.

AnMed Health was looking to replace outdated systems and streamline processes in the Data Center in an initiative aimed at eliminating the need for third shift staffing. File transfers were identified as a top priority to address an unreliable FTP server, lack of redundancy in qualified staff, and missing support for SFTP and PGP.

GoAnywhere was selected by AnMed Health to update file transfer processes and it has resulted in a significant savings in staff hours. The Data Center alone saw a 500 hour reduction in programming, operations and network staff. This was in addition to virtually eliminating the need for a Network Engineer to troubleshoot transfers.

With this success, AnMed Health continued to explore opportunities to utilize GoAnywhere. This led to further time savings through insurance claim and payment processing, and cost savings from eliminating antiquated green bar reporting.

For more information download the complete case study here.

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