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5 Advantages of Using SaaS

SaaS offers many advantages over on-premises and hybrid cloud options. The word SaaS in a gear shaped icon.

When you’re looking at new software, there are a lot of things to consider: Does it solve the problem you’re facing? Does it fit your budget? What does implementation look like? When you choose a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you get some distinct advantages over on-premises or self-hosted software. Discover what makes SaaS so attractive to organizations.

1. Save Time Getting Started with SaaS

Getting started with SaaS is simple; since you’re logging into a web client, there’s minimal – if any – setup required before you can start using the software as intended. SaaS saves you time you would have otherwise spent setting up a solution either with your on-premises servers or on your own web hosting platform. While there might be some configuration involved in order to set things up to your precise specifications, that’s the main time constraint. Just log in and get going!

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2. Using SaaS Saves Money Up Front – And Gives You Ongoing Savings

Implementing software on-premises or in the cloud takes both time and money: investing in equipment, IT staff, and the software itself may be more expensive when you purchase a license rather than a subscription. SaaS solutions have minimal demands on your IT staff, which reduces your initial investment and provides you ongoing savings too. On the hardware side, you don’t have to worry about freeing up space on your servers, purchase new equipment, or trying to find time to do software and hardware upgrades. And since SaaS applications tend to be subscription-based, either monthly or annually, you’re able to both plan your budget and spread your costs out over time.

3. Give Your IT Team Time to Focus on Essential Tasks

Upgrading and maintaining software is often delayed for 'business-critical' tasks, which causes applications to fall behind on the latest enhancements and security patches. Besides having quicker deployment times, SaaS solutions don’t lay the burden of upkeep and upgrades on your organization; that’s all maintained by your service provider. Know that you’re using the most up-to-date software and getting essential IT work done with a SaaS application – with less downtime.

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4. Access Your SaaS Solution from Anywhere

As SaaS solutions are internet-based, they’re accessible from anywhere, any time. No need to run into the office to make a small change – simply log in from any approved device, anywhere with an internet connection, and get your work done.

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5. SaaS Is Flexible to Your Business Needs

The most flexible software is easily scalable for your business. And SaaS solutions are doubly so. Simply change your subscription level to get access to more features, more storage, or more user accounts. SaaS makes it easy to make changes as your business changes, instead of before or after, and without needing to procure and set up new IT infrastructure.

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