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5 Topics You Should Know About in the World of Cybersecurity

It's important to know how to protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks and data breaches

Every year, organizations work hard to protect their data and analyze potential risks to it. However, as we’ve seen recently, the number of cybersecurity risks and data breaches has risen sharply. This makes it even more important to keep up with the newest cybersecurity guidelines and news so you can prepare your organization in the most effective way possible.

To help keep you informed, here is a list of relevant news and information from the world of cybersecurity that we think you should know about.

What’s happening in the world of cybersecurity?

1. World’s Largest Meat Processing Company Targeted in Cybersecurity Attack

Recently, the world’s largest meat processing company was targeted by a coordinated cybersecurity attack that forced the organization to take action. All affected systems were suspended as soon as the attack was recognized. In the early stages of this development, the company has said that there is no evidence that customer, employee, and supplier data was misused. However, it is not clear whether supply chains will be affected further down the line.

2. Hackers Exploit Post-COVID Return to Offices

As the world makes its way back to office spaces, hackers have come up with new and creative methods of breaching organizations’ security. Hackers have begun to use a creative exploit that targets companies bringing employees back to their offices. This new phishing tactic is meant to acquire company credentials and sensitive data through the use of emails outlining company COVID guidelines for the office, “signed” by the respective CIO, and sporting company logos. Though this isn’t the first time hackers have used COVID to their advantage, the move back to public office spaces has brought about renewed efforts to breach organization’s security.

3. How 2020 has Accelerated Network Security

COVID has changed the way organizations around the world do business, as well as how and where employees work. As remote work becomes more widespread, organizations have had to move quickly toward new security methods, the most popular of which is zero trust security. This zero trust approach has come with logistical and technical challenges. Forrester Consulting, on behalf of Cloudflare, conducted a study to identify the top business and technology trends driving zero trust adoption, the most popular planned use cases for zero trust security, and common obstacles in zero trust adoption.

4. 360,000 Cybersecurity Professionals Needed to Fill Jobs; CISO Salaries on the Rise

There are more data breaches and ransomware attacks every year and companies have taken notice. As a result, the demand for bulked up cybersecurity teams has risen. According to (ISC)2, a cybersecurity training non-profit, there is a massive shortage of cybersecurity professionals nationwide. This will present organizations with the challenge of attracting and retaining these professionals in the future.

5. Cybersecurity Industry Analysis: Another Recurring Vulnerability We Must Correct

Automation is the future of cybersecurity. Despite the ever-growing stack of cybersecurity tools that companies implement and add to their cybersecurity strategy, data breaches are still prevalent. Pieter Danhieux, Chairman and CEO of Secure Code Warrior makes the case that the human element of security is often overlooked in cybersecurity strategies.

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