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7 Benefits of Using MFT for Encrypted File Transfers

Files transferring between systems

7 Benefits of Using MFT for Encrypted File Transfers

At minimum, a managed file transfer (MFT) solution is a product that encompasses all aspects of inbound and outbound file transfers while using industry-standard network protocols and seamless encryption. It can automate and transfer data across your network, systems, applications, trading partners, and cloud environments from a single, central point of administration. An MFT solution can be used by organizations of all sizes for encrypted file transfer needs, ranging from a few dozen a week to a few thousand a day and more.

Using an MFT solution for encrypted file transfers comes with an abundance of benefits. Here are 7 key advantages:

1. Maintains Strong Cybersecurity Practices

A strong solution will maintain that same strong level of cybersecurity practices. MFT offers refined security settings, including detailed audit trails and segmented groups for multiple security zones to meet strict in-house policies. Maintaining these hefty cybersecurity practices is essential for successfully sending encrypted file transfers.

2. Follows Encryption Protocols

MFT encrypts and compresses your encrypted file transfers in transit and at rest with several leading technologies for securing data, including Open PGP, AES, SSL, and SSH.

3. Meets Compliance Requirements

A versatile MFT solution effortlessly secures your data and encrypted file transfers to comply with requirements like PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, GBLA, SOX, and the GDPR.

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4. Reduces Your Costs

Although encrypting your file transfers and securing your data is a must, it can be highly expensive. An MFT solution swiftly eliminates your need for custom scripts and programs, single-function tools, and manual processes – all of which can be costly to maintain and manage from a time perspective.

5. Simplifies Data Transfer with Workflows

MFT solutions simplify and automate a high volume of encrypted file transfers with workflows that are easy to design and process without the use of other tools or programming, all of this of course depends on the kind of MFT solution being utilized.

6. Deploys on Multiple Platforms

A successful MFT solution is easily adaptable and can implement your solution on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. This benefit allows flexibility and scalability that can match the growth of business and not cause any lagging.

7. Comes With an Array of Exceptional Supplemental Features:

There are a lot of file sharing/transfer and integration solutions on the market currently, but a robust, enterprise MFT solution will typically include access to the following supplemental features:

  • Auditing and Reporting: Audit logs help you to monitor the activity in your environment for the movement of files. Reporting metrics provide statistical details, graphs, and charts of this activity. You can also get immediate notifications and the ability to resume a dropped transfer.
  • Automation: An MFT solution with batch automation will allow you to determine and monitor a when your encrypted file transfers perform. Look for an option that can execute multiple encrypted file transfers concurrently, trigger when another process completes, and comes with a built-in scheduler, thus eliminating the use of other tools or software to launch your workflows.
  • Secure Email Capabilities: An MFT solution that offers a secure way to send email with help ensure the security of your messages and files by turning them into encrypted packages. These packages can then be downloaded through a protected HTTPS connection. GoAnywhere MFT offers a Secure Mail feature that does just that.

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GoAnywhere MFT is a managed file transfer solution that streamlines the exchange of data between systems, employees, customers, and trading partners. It also comes with an abundance of supplemental benefits, including built-in cloud support integrations for popular web and cloud applications, load balancing and clustering, and a browser-based HTTPS Web Client. All of these add-ons increase the beneficial value of GoAnywhere’s MFT solution and make it a strong choice for encrypted file transfers.

As you can see, utilizing an MFT solution for encrypted file transfers is a great way to achieve success without unnecessary costs or hiccups along the way. Give GoAnywhere a try today with our free trial.

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