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The Difference Between Implicit and Explicit FTPS

Which should you use? Explicit or Implicit FTPS?

As you search for a file transfer protocol that works to meet your organization’s needs, you may have stumbled across FTPS.

What is FTPS?

FTPS is FTP over SSL which allows you to connect with your trading partners and customers securely. FTPS supports security methods such as passwords, client certificates, and server certificates.

FTPS and its capabilities have acted as a great alternative to FTP with the addition of using SSL/TLS. FTP uses TLS and SSL to encrypt server connections, and certificates are used to authenticate these connections.

So now that we’ve established that FTPS software can make a meaningful difference to your file transfer security, let’s dive into the main choice you’ll have when using FTPS: whether to use explicit or implicit FTPS.

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What is Explicit FTPS?

Explicit FTPS is a method FTPS of that allows clients to request the server to create a secured session using SSL/TLS (as mentioned above). This session is created on port 21 which, until a secure connection is requested, is insecure.

What is Implicit FTPS?

Implicit FTPS is a method of FTPS that allows clients to connect to an implicit port (Port 990) which already has secure connections baked in without requesting for there to be one. Implicit FTPS makes use of a dedicated port in order to allow for port 21 to be left open. Implicit FTPS is considered much stricter when it comes to establishing a connection that is secure.

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What’s the Difference: Implicit vs. Explicit FTPS

Implicit versus Explicit FTPS

FTPS is a simple and easy to understand file transfer solution that is generally accepted as a viable solution from industry to industry. FTPS provides security through SSL/TLS which provides you with a much-needed bump in data protection. In addition, FTPS has built-in support in .NET frameworks.

All this being said, if you are trying to determine whether to use explicit FTPS or implicit FTPS, it’s important to evaluate what your organization’s file sharing needs are. Which is easier for your employees to use? Are you sharing your data within your organization, or with external partners, or both? Regardless of the answer, both implicit and explicit FTPS will protect your data from unwanted prying eyes and can help ensure your file transfer needs are met

Now is the Time to Find a Solution to Your File Transfer Needs

Each organization’s needs are different, and we are constantly developing solutions to meet your new and unique requirements. GoAnywhere MFT offers a multitude of solutions that will help you build a better IT.

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