GoAnywhere’s Azure FTPS Server Solution


You can exchange sensitive information with your trading partners and external vendors using GoAnywhere’s FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) file transfer protocol. GoAnywhere MFT, our secure managed file transfer solution, supports implicit and explicit SSL connections and dual factor authentication.

Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform allows users to run Windows or Linux on virtual machines in the cloud. Azure users can also run Windows SQL server in the cloud. With these options at hand, it’s critical that your information is protected in transit. GoAnywhere’s Azure FTPS server solution can help make sure your data is safe from vulnerabilities.

What are the limitations of native FTP on Azure?


A Windows server running on Microsoft Azure contains a basic FTP server, a basic job scheduler, and the ability to automate tasks using legacy scripts. Unfortunately, native FTP clients and servers like this are not secure. They do not have robust user provisioning, out of the box encryption, audit logs, or an easy to use web accessible interface.

If you’re not sure whether a basic FTP server fits your needs, here are a few more considerations:

Limited Flexibility:

While Azure offers several products that help administrators run entire networks in the cloud, some organizations prefer to keep a portion of their processes on-premises. A cross-platform solution like GoAnywhere lets admins decide how much is kept in the cloud while still meeting the needs of cloud trading partners and third-party vendors.

Minimal Features:

Azure’s native Windows FTP server helps remote admins move files to the server, but it doesn’t support useful file transfer features like detailed audit logging or permission-level access controls.

Doesn’t Provide a Single Point-of-Control:

Azure’s native Windows FTP server does not provide a single point-of-control for hard-working IT professionals. If an admin wants easy-to-use file transfer and automation functionality, file transfer management and encryption, granular security controls, and more, they will need to purchase another solution.

Why use GoAnywhere’s Azure FTPS server solution?


GoAnywhere MFT gives organizations the flexibility to choose what is put in the cloud. It’s an all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes, from small teams to the enterprise. Not only is GoAnywhere easy to use and implement, it includes:

GoAnywhere can also replace legacy scripts with easy project workflows. No scripting or programming knowledge required.

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How easy is it to set up GoAnywhere’s FTPS server?


Setting up a GoAnywhere FTPS server solution on Azure is effortless. If you’re familiar with Azure, you could spin up an instance of GoAnywhere in under five minutes.

They say a video is worth a thousand words. Watch this three-minute overview on how to set up GoAnywhere in Azure to see how easy it is:

Ready to get started? Try our FTPS server for yourself!

GoAnywhere MFT is easy to use and even easier to implement. Try a 30-day trial to see if our FTPS server is right for your secure file transfer needs.