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Top 5 Reasons to Try GoAnywhere’s ROI Calculator

Calculate the ROI Impact

You know you need a managed file transfer (MFT) solution. While you see the benefit in allowing IT staff to secure and automate file transfer tasks, you also need to demonstrate the investment value to get internal buy-in. This ROI calculator can help! Not only will it show you the value of GoAnywhere MFT and how much you could save vs. your current solution over 5 years, it will also give you a handy report to use when talking to stakeholders.

Need to be convinced to try the calculator? All you have to do is count these 5 reasons, and then leave the rest of the math to us.

1. It provides an easy snapshot of your savings

The report compares the cost of your current solution with the cost of GoAnywhere MFT in clear numbers. Moreover, the tool also calculates the cost of potential liability regarding data breaches. Beyond the consequences of jeopardizing personal files, the average cost of a data breach is approximately $141 per record. Investing in the right tool for preventative security can save thousands in financial fallout.

2. It’s not very time-intensive

How about this for a reason to try the calculator: there’s hardly anything to lose! Our ROI tool is designed to require little time or research from you; see the image below for an example of the information we ask.

GoAnywhere's ROI report

With these simple numbers, like the average hourly rate for IT personnel, you can quickly and easily gather the information needed to receive a comprehensive ROI estimation.

3. It offers a short and a long version of the report

When you fill out the ROI calculator information, you’ll instantly receive an estimation for the 5-year cost saving. These savings explore the running costs of your current solution as well as your potential security liability for unencrypted file transfers. You also will have the option to request a detailed ROI report that discusses the potential investment results in full.

Find the ROI of an MFT solution

4. It provides a good comparison against competitors

Clearly MFT is great, but it’s also important to demonstrate that GoAnywhere’s MFT solution is the best managed file transfer solution for your organization. You can take the in-depth ROI report provided by GoAnywhere’s calculator and compare the savings with other solutions in the marketplace. These comparisons could use other vendors’ pricing quotes or ROI calculators if available.

For a secondary evaluation of solutions, check out the latest Info-Tech MFT Category Report.

5. It helps you determine if the product fits your budget

Both the short and long versions of the report will allow you to project the cost of investing in MFT over 5 years—and show whether the savings exceed the cost. Consider how much time is spent on your current file transfer solution, as well as your potential financial liability in the event of a data breach. Often, organizations should be asking themselves whether they can afford to NOT invest in a file transfer solution.

For an even more accurate cost estimation, request a pricing quote.

What are you waiting for?

Calculate Your ROI

BONUS: Get Buy-In Resources for GoAnywhere MFT

We can help if you’re getting ready to propose your purchase of GoAnywhere MFT. Our resource hub for internal buy-in makes it easy to find what you need for stakeholders. To get started, email your GoAnywhere sales representative for access to our resource hub, which includes buy-in tips, email templates, customer testimonials, and more.

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