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What is a Cloud Connector?

Cloud connectors make doing business in the cloud more manageable.

The cloud and all its possibilities for connecting with customers, vendors, trading partners, and more is exciting. Managing your organization’s transition to the cloud – whether you’re contemplating a complete migration, or just moving a few business processes to a cloud environment, secure managed file transfer and cloud integrations – makes the processes easier and more secure.

What Should I Consider When Migrating to the Cloud?

The first thing to think about is how will your files and data be secure and protected while transferring files to the cloud. One solution is to incorporate a secure managed file transfer (MFT solution). GoAnywhere MFT can automate, encrypt, and streamline your cloud file transfers, providing protection at rest and in transit to the cloud.

Migrate fully to the cloud or operate in a hybrid environment – you can choose what works best for your business situation and goals. You can also deploy GoAnywhere to a variety of cloud computing platforms including Windows, Microsoft Azure, IBM i, and more. Or, use the MFTaaS option. No matter which route you choose, with MFT in place, your data will move safely between systems and locations as well as between users and trading partners. Gain more flexibility when you use a managed file transfer solution that supports built-in cloud integrations or cloud connectors.

What is a Cloud Connector?

A Cloud Connector is a built-in application integration feature that connects to GoAnywhere MFT projects or workflows. These Cloud Connectors give you the needed flexibility to work with Azure or Amazon cloud infrastructure. Additionally, you can work more easily with the popular web and cloud services you’re already using and are familiar with like SharePoint, JIRA, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more.

How Do Cloud Connectors Work?

If you’re using GoAnywhere, you simply need to head to GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Marketplace and browse the available connectors. There are many connectors already available to streamline your business processes and more are being added regularly.

Once you install a Cloud Connector, you can configure its properties to your projects or workflows to automate your processes as you wish, providing the specific authentication and service-level details you need.

What Can I Do with a Cloud Connector?

Web application integrations in an MFT solution can help you smoothly trade information and files with your business partners with the applications they like and use. Send files to Dropbox, conduct up-to-the-minute billing in Salesforce and more - all with the ease of one, dashboard-friendly location. But Cloud Connectors offer more benefits than simply allowing you to integrate with specific applications.

Automate Data, Processes, and More

When you add a selected cloud integration from the Cloud Connector Marketplace, you get the power of automating business processes. You can add the specific connector to a project workflow as a GoAnywhere resource (for example, you need weekly reports from Salesforce). With a cloud integration in your workflow, you can automatically download these files . Doing so takes away the risks of human error, saves time, and keeps your files secure in transit.

You can take the automation farther by specifying which folder the file should download to, as well as who should receive notification of the file. Cloud Connectors work hand-in-hand with the more than 60 built-in project tasks found in workflows.

Achieve End-to-End Integration

Many organizations today use multiple web services across their enterprise, and this can get complicated and messy fast. With GoAnywhere you can clean up and streamline by stringing several cloud integrations together into one workflow.

Let’s say you need to exchange files between Salesforce and Dropbox daily; your team can build a workflow to do this seamlessly by installing Cloud Connectors for the two applications. For instance, you can build the workflow to specify automatic downloads of Dropbox files, reading of content, and a data upload to Salesforce. With no coding or manual scripting needed, service-to-service processes are improved.

Get Creative

Even though there are new options being added to the GoAnywhere Cloud Connector Marketplace regularly, there’s no need to wait. You can create your own cloud integrations with the built-in Cloud Connector Designer for ultimate flexibility . You know your business needs the best and the designer function helps you connect in the way you need to do business today.

What are Some Use Cases for Cloud Connectors?

With so many possibilities for web and cloud integrations, you’ll want to spend some time reading about some of our cloud connector use cases. In particular, we’ve called out how Cloud Connectors can help you work more efficiently with applications like:

These are just a few of the connectors available to make your business processes more cloud friendly.

If you’re already using GoAnywhere, adding a Cloud Connector is as simple as logging into your admin interface and navigating to System > Cloud Connectors and clicking “Add Connector.” You’ll be directed to the Marketplace to find the integrations you need.

If you’re ready to give Cloud Connectors and secure managed file transfer a try with GoAnywhere, test it out yourself with a free 30-day trial.

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Ready to get a custom quote on how MFT and Cloud Connectors can impact your organization?

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