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What is an MFT Server and How Do I Use It?

Secure your servers on premises and in the cloud with an MFT solution

An MFT server is any server that is using a managed file transfer (MFT) solution to improve data transfers. An MFT solution is software that simplifies server-to-server file transfers, and typically encrypts, automates, and monitors processes, whether inside an organization or to outside trading partners.

What is MFT and Why Should I Use It?

Managed file transfer is a secure method of moving data that requires less time and effort compared to more outdated methods, like clunky legacy scripts – the ‘managed’ part of the term. It’s a way of streamlining transfer processes that might otherwise be labor intensive, with added features that make encrypting, translating formats, and monitoring any file movements possible through a single, centralized interface.

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Everyone has data that needs to be shared – with trading partners, clients, remote locations, and other stakeholders. As organizations move towards guaranteeing their data security in transit and at rest, MFT is becoming a better-known, attractive option. MFT solutions reduce the time employees spend creating and repairing scripts, which allows for painless auditing and can even let you know the status of transfers. No more troubleshooting a failed transfer after the fact!

The all-in-one benefits of an MFT solution can not only reduce onboarding time for new employees and vendors, they can help ensure that users adhere to approved file transfer processes rather than bypass to a more straightforward but less secure methods.

There are other options besides MFT that can secure file transfers, but not all of these can audit, integrate with external applications, and automate within a single solution. But for some organizations, merely ensuring more secure data movement is enough for now.

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How Do I Use MFT?

MFT can meet your organization where it’s at, whether you have one use-case in mind or 500. Using MFT as a server security solution offers a variety of actionable benefits:

  • Maintaining cyber security best practices by adding layers of security procedures to current processes
  • Following encryption protocols
  • Complying with local, national, and global data security requirements out-of-the-box
  • Reducing organizational costs by decreasing the personnel needed to carry out current processes and centralizing your processes within one solution
  • Simplifying workflows and high-volume data transfers
  • Flexibly fitting into your current environment

How Do I Set Up MFT on My Server?

Securing your server with MFT can be simple. Many MFT providers offer free trials that you can use for a certain period of time at no risk. Get started and test the functionality to see whether an MFT solution works for your organization’s needs – and whether the provider’s support meets your expectations.

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Once you’re ready to commit to a solution, most MFT providers will provide hands-on support as your organization transitions from the old solution. Get the most out of your MFT solution by taking advantage of tutorials and other resources specific to the software you’ve chosen.

Try Out a Secure Managed File Transfer Solution

Is managed file transfer right for you? Secure your server and data with MFT – give MFT a try today!

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