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What's New in GoAnywhere 6.3?

What's New in GoAnywhere?

What’s New in GoAnywhere?

Recently, HelpSystems released GoAnywhere MFT 6.3, the latest and greatest update to the award-winning solution. Read on for a brief look into the new version and see what’s changed.

Global Expansion

Because HelpSystems customers are increasingly transforming their businesses to reach a global scale, the need to increase worldwide compatibility was recognized in the newest version of GoAnywhere MFT.

GoAnywhere MFT is now EDIFACT compatible. With the new features, GoAnywhere’s support for the global EDIFACT standard now allows customers to read and write EDIFACT files in GoAnywhere with trading partners all over the world.

Although EDI X12 is primarily used in the United States, EDIFACT is primarily used outside of it. However, now there are no barriers for anyone doing business internationally. Customers can now use EDIFACT to do business successfully and securely with any international company.

Broader Linguistics

To continue excelling in global support, GoAnywhere expanded its linguistic capabilities, as well. It is now available for users in an array of languages: Spanish, German, French Japanese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Danish – plus the newest addition: Italian.

AS3, AS4, and EDI

With this latest upgrade, customers can easily exchange files via AS3 and AS4. AS2 will still be available.

AS3 is a specification by which applications communicate EDI data or other information, while AS4 can help to simplify and standardize the use of web services for B2B data exchange and integration.

Aside from new AS3 and AS4 support, customers and partners can now customize EDI documents. For those exchanging files with AS2 or AS4, this will be beneficial. This customization serves as a great advantage because many organizations use EDI for their internal integrations.

AS2 serves as a standard used to transfer EDI or other data, while AS4 is currently gaining traction in EDI communities and can be used for EDI integration projects.

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HelpSystems Makes its MFT Solution More Global

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