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Why Organizations are Thankful for GoAnywhere MFT

"Thankful" is how customers feel with a secure, streamlined file transfer solution‘Tis the season of giving thanks – thanks for friends, family and for health. In that same spirit, the team at GoAnywhere thanks its customers for sharing their stories of how they’ve made the most out of their IT investment in file transfer management. We invite you to read a few of these stories to learn more about how GoAnywhere’s file transfer solutions can have your IT saying, “thanks!” too.

Transportation Company is Thankful for Automation Ease

“We no longer face huge backlogs of pending failed file transfers on Monday mornings,” noted the transportation company’s administrator. “We used to have to spend many hours on Monday contacting partners and resending failed files. With GoAnywhere, the system automatically retries to send in the rare case of a failed file transfer and, after a set number of tries, it alerts the user,” he added. “This function alone has saved us many hours of staff time over the years and the team can now focus on other important things.”

Nemours Children’s Hospital is Thankful for Compliance Time Savings

With well over 5,000 transfers running every month, it was important to have a reliable system in place that could handle the volume while maintaining high security standards needed to meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

"We have multiple processes where PGP encryption and decryption takes place. Managing multiple resource types with various data points within GoAnywhere seems almost too easy. It has significantly decreased the stress of managing this process for us," said Michael Kuck, Application Engineer at Nemours.

The group was even more impressed when they discovered how quickly and easily they could implement new projects - such as automatically pulling data from a vendor to update internal applications, setting up processes that made information immediately available between two parties, or encrypting data on a daily basis. Tasks that used to take several days have filtered down to a few hours.

Florida’s Public Defender’s Office is Thankful for Secure Collaboration

"GoAnywhere processes the e-filing for each [of our three counties] separately," said Joseph Frasier, IT Director at the Public Defender’s Office - 4th Circuit. "It retrieves documents, does XML [translation], does all requirements, does encryption, does HTTPS web services, and emails a copy to the service for each one. It’s a very, very effective tool." From compliance to collaboration, the GoAnywhere MFT has solved many headaches and surprised the office with even more use cases.

Frasier’s team also set up GoAnywhere’s GoDrive module, a collaboration tool for internal teams and third-party vendors, to ensure all information shared between them remained private and encrypted. Previously, they’d used Dropbox to connect paralegals with private vendors. But the cloud file hosting platform wasn’t secure enough for their collaboration needs, and when it became too expensive for the size and users they had to accommodate, they switched to GoDrive—a perfect fit.

GoAnywhere Delivers Secure, Streamlined Managed File Transfer

What could your IT team be thankful for this year? Time-savings? Cost-savings? Better Security? Better collaboration? We’ve got a big helping of MFT case studies for you to see exactly how a robust file transfer solution can benefit your organization.

Or, check out our MFT use cases eBook for a bounty of managed file transfer ideas.

Better yet, schedule a demo to see for yourself how managed file transfer from GoAnywhere can have your IT team saying, “thanks!”

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