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5 Projects You Could Tackle with a GoAnywhere Trial

5 file transfer projects moving between locations

It's happened to us all – you start a free software trial, only to get stuck at step 2: what to do first? Plotting a plan of attack before your first login can help you get the most out of your limited time with the product (and might even help you down the line when you're making the case for adoption to your internal stakeholders).

Whether you don’t know where you’d start with managed file transfer software or you have too many potential projects to tackle in 30 days, we can help! Keep reading for overviews of popular projects that users often tackle first when getting started with a GoAnywhere MFT trial.

1. Set Up Easy Imports of CSV Files into Your Database

Reading CSV files and importing the data into a database is simple with GoAnywhere Projects. “Read CSV” is one of the many options available in GoAnywhere’s Component Library, which lets users drag and drop actions into new projects. Once the database server, SQL statements, any queries, inputs, and outputs are specified, users can execute the project and import the CSV data directly to the database.

GoAnywhere lets you correct and adjust formatting before the data is transferred from the source CSV file to the database. For instance, if you receive dates in a format that MySQL doesn't expect, you can add a step to format the data into the appropriate format.

One organization uses this feature to manage an employee benefit trust fund – data is automatically pulled from decrypted files sent to their SFTP server and added to a database, which triggers a notification email to the solution administrator.

For the complete instructions, see the tutorial How to Import a CSV File into a Database.

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2. Read Your JSON Data and Add it to a Database

GoAnywhere parses each level of objects, arrays, and various field data contained in a JSON file and stores the contents in one or more RowSet variables. For each type of JSON file that needs to be imported, easily set how each piece of information should be read and stored in your database. Then, lay out how each RowSet should insert the data into database tables.

Walk through the process step-by-step using the tutorial How to Read JSON Data and Insert It Into a Database.

3. Encrypt Files with Open PGP

Healthcare organizations, banks, and even state governments encrypt their files using Open PGP thanks to GoAnywhere MFT. Whether you’re protecting patient data, financial information, or overseas military members’ ballots, you can ensure file safety with Open PGP.

Store sensitive information or transfer data across any network knowing that only the intended recipient will read it.

Import your trading partners’ public keys, create new keys, and securely export PGP keys with the GoAnywhere Key Management System. Create a Project in GoAnywhere to encrypt using the PGP Encrypt task. Then:

  1. Select the appropriate key and vault information,
  2. Enter the information about the Input File and Output File, and lastly
  3. Add the Public Key

This Project is now ready to encrypt any file to send to your trading partner. You can also sign files using Open PGP to show that you are the true originator of the documents.

Get started with Open PGP and read the full tutorial How to Encrypt Files with Open PGP.

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4. Automate Your Files Transfers and Workflows

With GoAnywhere, there are many different ways to automate your processes:

  1. If you have recurring or high-volume file transfers, automate them without any programming! MFT software gives users the ability to quickly automate transfers and schedule projects with a built-in scheduler. If you already have scheduling software, you can use that with GoAnywhere, too. Learn more about file transfer automation.
  2. Integrate GoAnywhere with popular web service applications like Salesforce, Box, Jira, and more to automate processes between multiple web and cloud services at once. Read the full tutorial: How to Automate Processes with Web Service APIs using Cloud Connectors.
  3. Go above and beyond by automating every step of your workflow with Advanced Workflows. One hospital in South Carolina can now immediately detect faulty file transfers, audit their systems and diagnose problems without requiring hours of downtime and troubleshooting.

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5. Set Up Secure Forms to Collect Sensitive Data from Anyone

End users can fill out custom forms and even upload files with ease through Secure Forms, allowing them to safely submit data to your enterprise. Build a form with the fields you need, and then set up a workflow that will immediately process the data whenever the form is submitted. You can even limit the users who have access to specific people or make the form publicly available.

Get creative with how you collect data, and check out how other enterprises have implemented Secure Forms to easily gather and organize secure information with our blog 3 Ways Your Peers are Using Secure Forms.

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