How Do Your Peers Use GoAnywhere?

Discover the numerous ways your peers are using GoAnywhere MFT to the fullest extent below!

GoAnywhere is a versatile file transfer solution that can perform many vital business operations. With the use of GoAnywhere MFT comes the ability to license modules. Depending on your organization’s business needs, compliance requirements, and the scale of your secure file transfer projects, GoAnywhere MFT offers a variety of modules available to you.

What Can Our Modules Do for You?

Advanced Workflows

Advanced Workflows, our most popular GoAnywhere module, allows you to define your file transfers and business processes. When using Advanced Workflows, you can:

  • Design new workflows via an intuitive wizard
  • Use our workflow templates to start defining and processing file transfers quickly
  • Add multiple tasks that execute when a workflow runs, including encrypting or decrypting files, transforming data, and interacting with databases

EDI File Translation & Transaction Sets

Translate, encrypt, and exchange EDI X12, XML, and EDIFACT documents with your trading partners. With GoAnywhere’s EDI file translation capabilities, you get:

  • A browse-based EDI Data Mapping tool
  • Data translation to and from the X12 flat file format
  • A starter pack of six transaction sets

Secure Mail

Secure Mail allows you to send encrypted messages and files. With Secure Mail, you will get:

  • No file size limitations
  • Expiration dates and maximum downloads
  • Randomly generated URL links for each email package

More Modules!

Are you using any of these licensed modules? Check out some more ways to expand your usage of GoAnywhere below!

GoAnywhere Project Examples: View this eBook for an overview on the countless ways your peers use GoAnywhere MFT in their organization. It contains prime examples by industry, business initiative, and product features. Better yet, it provides tips on how to apply some of these ideas yourself!

Watch our introductory video below or consider taking an in-depth look into how Goanywhere MFT is used in some of the top industries today by reading one of the featured case studies.

Expand Your Use of GoAnywhere

Check out our brief look into some of the awesome modules available for licensing with GoAnywhere.


GoAnywhere MFT helps the insurance industry meet onerous compliance burdens.

GoAnywhere MFT helps the banking and finance industry to protect sensitive customer data and meet key compliance requirements like PCI DSS.

GoAnywhere MFT helps the higher education industry to protect confidential student information.

GoAnywhere MFT helps the healthcare industry to safeguard sensitive patient ePHI and EHR data.

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