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GoAnywhere MFT is a single product that allows organizations to simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere, securely and across all environments and applications. Whether you need to transfer a handful – or thousands – of files a day, GoAnywhere can scale to accommodate your needs.

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We use this tool to deliver thousands of media files to a pool of 5000 destinations each day. The files absolutely have to be there, or you have to know and escalate. This tool never goes down, never fails to record in the database every event so problems are solved immediately. Replaces serv-u, and a host of utility tools. With so many destinations, none of which is in our control, we need a killer tool like this.

Employee | Media and Entertainment

GoAnywhere MFT is the most remarkable product I have ever used. I am the only RPG programmer in my shop and the amount of code that I have to write to interface other software and machinery to the AS/400 is very time consuming and can get very overwhelming on a day to day basis. Since the purchase of GoAnywhere the amount of code I have had to write in the past has dramatically dropped but the efficiency of getting the proper data has been nothing less than unbelievable. Other than the actual software the Sales and Tech support is the best in the business. I have never used a product that I would rave about to other programmers or IBM Business partners but with GoAnywhere I try to tell everyone I know about it.

Raymond Murray | Schumann Printers, Inc.

The data encryption at rest was the primary reason for purchase of a new product over our old one but we found this product did so much more and was modular enough to pick and choose what we required.

Peter K. | Infrastructure Manager | Media and Entertainment


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GoAnywhere MFT leads G2's Winter 2020 grid for MFT solution, including top of the rankings in Easiest to Use and Best Results. Ready to simplify and secure your file transfers? We’re standing by. Anywhere. Anytime.

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