GoAnywhere MFT is a single product that allows organizations to simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere, securely and across all environments and applications. Whether you need to transfer 5 or 5,000 files a day, GoAnywhere can scale to accommodate your needs.

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GoAnywhere MFT is very easy to use and powerful. I'm impressed with what it is able to do with minimal time to create projects.

Debbie De Groff | Scolari's Food & Drug Company

[GoAnywhere MFT] almost 'does it all'. We bought it to do file transfers on the System i (AS/400). However, we found that we can also initiate transfers from .NET via Web Service calls, use it to generate reports to Excel Spreadsheets (including formatting columns -- we would've had to write programs for some of the awesome reporting uses) as well. We have since purchased Secure Folders and Inbound FTP and have utilized Monitors and Triggers to provide faster response time to processes.

Wayne M.

We use [GoAnywhere MFT] mainly for processing vendor invoices and customer EFT payment advices. This saves our accounting department many hours every day processing simple and redundant tasks. They have more time for problem solving.

Gordon S., IT Consultant | Trans Am Piping Products