GoAnywhere MFT is a single product that allows organizations to simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere, securely and across all environments and applications. Whether you need to transfer 5 or 5,000 files a day, GoAnywhere can scale to accommodate your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any free file transfer or encryption functionality?

Yes. With GoAnywhere MFT’s free license, you receive our FTP Client, which allows you to automate FTP file transfers. The free license also includes our FTP Server and 10 GoDrive users for file sync and sharing. Download your license here.

We also offer free PGP file encryption with our GoAnywhere Open PGP Studio tool, making it easy to protect sensitive files and comply with the Open PGP standard. Open PGP Studio allows you to manually encrypt/decrypt files. Download Open PGP Studio here.

When should I use GoAnywhere Open PGP Studio instead of purchasing a GoAnywhere MFT license?

If you're only encrypting/decrypting a few files a week and don’t need automation or auditing of these processes, then the Studio may be ok for your needs. However, if you need a full-featured solution to handle your enterprise file transfer and auditing needs, then GoAnywhere MFT is the right product for you.

How is GoAnywhere licensed?

GoAnywhere is licensed by module. If you plan to purchase several modules, be sure to ask us about our Premium and Ultimate bundles, as they include discounts. Learn more about how our module licensing works.

What's included in the Premium Bundle?

The Premium bundle includes the following items:

  • Advanced Workflows
  • SFTP Server
  • FTPS Server
  • Secure Folders (HTTPS Server)
  • Secure Mail
  • Secure Forms
  • 5 AS2 Trading Partners
  • 10 GoDrive users
  • 2 Security Domains
  • 1 Standard Agent
  • Advanced Reporting
  • GoAnywhere Gateway

What is the difference between the Premium and Ultimate bundles?

The Ultimate bundle contains all the modules in the Premium bundle, just clustered. You'll receive two of everything plus clustering enabled for active-active failover and load-balancing.

Is the FTP client and FTP server included with a purchased license?

Yes, if you want it licensed. By default, we do not include the FTP client and FTP server for purchased licenses unless specified to us when placing an order. The reason for this is because most customers prefer not to have an unsecured option available to their users and partners to exchange with since they have a secure method licensed.

Is a maintenance plan required?

Yes. A 12-month maintenance plan is required to be prepaid.

What do I get with maintenance?

Maintenance gets you product updates, technical support, and the ability to transfer your license.

How does licensing work for virtualized systems?

For virtualized (VMware) or partitioned systems, each virtual machine or instance requires a separate GoAnywhere license to run.

Do you offer any training or professional services to help implement GoAnywhere?

Yes. Depending on the modules you license, we will include the courses we’d recommend purchasing on your quote (this is not required though). Additional considerations:

  • If you’d like professional services to help migrate from another product or your current methods and/or assist with the deployment of GoAnywhere, we can assist you there too.
  • If requested, we will have you speak with a professional services technician who will document your expectations and put together an estimate on how much time it will take us to deliver those services.

Are your professional services just web-based or will you go on-site too if requested?

We offer both web-based and on-site professional services.

I just requested a quote. What's next?

One of our sales representatives will be in touch to discuss your file transfer requirements and then he/she will put together a price quote for you.

Note: If you’re located outside the US and Canada, one of our international offices or local partners will contact you instead.

We originally purchased GoAnywhere MFT because we had a piece of software that wrote to a SQL database that we could call from the AS/400. We were upgrading to SQL2005 and the software was not compatible. GoAnywhere MFT is compatible with SQL2005 and could be installed on various platforms including the AS/400. Since purchasing GoAnywhere, we find new and creative uses for the software to solve our everyday problems related to securely moving data. It's the 1st tool we turn to when we have new file transfer requirements.

Steve Kriegel | Dorel Juvenile Group USA

Our needs started off rather simple in that we needed to exchange files with our bank and it has expanded to multiple business partners. Every time our business expands it seems as though there are additional file exchange requirements. I used to worry about how we were going to accomplish each unique exchange of information. I find myself saying no problem we have GoAnywhere!!

Michael Matelli (Food and Beverage Company)

GoAnywhere MFT allowed us to eliminate and reduce the need for custom programming to transfer files and database records between dissimilar database management systems.

We found GoAnywhere to be highly intuitive, flexible, and easy to use. Currently, we are using GoAnywhere to pump database records between MS SQL 2005 and DB2. We are also using GoAnywhere to centralize, automate, and securely transfer files between our Intel and System i platform via SFTP (SSH). GoAnywhere is additionally helpful for database importing and exporting of CSV files.

The customer support from Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] has been outstanding. Whenever we had a question or issue, Linoma was able to answer right away and provide us with a solution.

Van N. Sy | Think Bank