GoAnywhere Wins Top Award for Secure File Transfer Solution

Omaha, NE - August 9, 2011 - Info Security Products Guide has heralded Linoma Software as the 2011 Best Deployment Scenario award winner in the Secure File Transfer category. This award recognizes the ways that Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] popular GoAnywhere secure file transfer solution benefits its customer, Bristol Hospital, in Bristol, Connecticut.

Linoma Software president Bob Luebbe is pleased to receive the recognition from Info Security Products Guide.

"In the wake of so many stories about companies suffering data breaches," Luebbe said, "finding ways to secure data transfers as well as protecting data stored on site is critical."

Multiple factors led Bristol Hospital's team to reach out to Linoma Software for help. 

Every day, the hospital exchanges information with dozens of doctors, insurance companies, billing systems and vendors. This data includes a variety of sensitive information including electronic health records, purchase orders and claim information.  Protecting patients' information while meeting all HIPAA/HITECH compliance regulations remains of paramount importance to the Bristol team.

Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] GoAnywhere Director provided the solution Bristol Hospital needed. GoAnywhere Director allowed them to bypass the time-consuming and risky option of transferring sensitive data from their main system to designated PCs by keeping all the conversion, encryption and transfer functions centralized on their main system.

In addition, Bristol Hospital is now able to manage individual file transfers, as well as schedule automated secure data transfers across multiple platforms within its organization, including IBM i (iSeries), Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and others.  GoAnywhere Director has made it easy to implement dual encryption that supports popular encryption standards such as Open PGP, Secure FTP over SSL and SSH, ZIP with AES and HTTPS.

The IT staff at Bristol Hospital has seen significant improvement in its data security management processes with GoAnywhere Director.

"The clean dashboard interface provides a heads-up summary of GoAnywhere Director's file transfer activity and audit logs," says Jorge A. Machado, Manager of Applications, Programming and Systems Integration. "It is a very intuitive application that required very little training to use."

Luebbe praised Bristol Hospital for demonstrating its commitment to its patients by proactively implementing a solution like the award-winning implementation of GoAnywhere Director to ensure their sensitive data is protected. 

"Some organizations wait until they experience a data breach to take action," Luebbe said. "Bristol Hospital is leading the health care industry with its conscientious approach to data protection."

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