Linoma Sees Another Year of Record Growth

Omaha, Neb - April 18, 2013 Download PDF

With 2012 posting the highest number of reported data breaches in history, it's no coincidence that Linoma Software is posting record sales of its data encryption and managed file transfer software, with 52% growth in 2012. The first quarter of 2013 is also off to a record pace, with 62% growth over the first quarter of 2012.

"Lots of factors are driving the growth we're seeing," said Brian Pick, Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] Sales Director. "More people are reaching out to us because awareness is growing of the devastating costs of a data breach, both in financial losses as well as the impact on an organization's reputation, and they want to get out ahead of it."

According to the Ponemon Institute's 2012 report, while the number of incidents of data breach in the United States continues to rise, the costs for U.S. organizations are dropping slightly.

Bob Luebbe, Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] Chief Architect, says a key factor may be that companies are being more pro-active.

"Organizations are taking data security more seriously," Luebbe said, "and they're minimizing their risks by implementing better security policies and integrating comprehensive data security solutions including software like ours."

However, the requirements for data security continue to intensify, especially for organizations and their trading partners who operate in heavily regulated industries such as banking, finance, insurance, government, and healthcare.

"HIPAA and HITECH regulations are keeping IT shops on their toes," Luebbe said, "and the landscape is constantly changing as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out."

"We're also seeing more banks and insurance companies inquiring about our software, especially our GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer Suite," Pick said. "They have a tough set of regulations like PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA that they have to meet, and they need to manage their data security and workflows more efficiently."

Concern about data security is not just an American problem. Pick said Linoma Software continues to grow its team of global distributors to serve an expanding market of customers looking for more streamlined and secure ways to handle their data.

"Our global partners play a significant role in the growth of our sales," Pick said. "We work well together because they understand their specific markets and can provide local support for our products."

To provide additional support for Linoma's European partners, Pick will be attending the InfoSec Europe Conference this month where Linoma Software will be sharing an exhibit stand with partners HANDD Business Solutions, and Luebbe will attend the COMMON - Europe conference in France this summer.