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If you store, process, or transmit files containing sensitive information, they should be properly protected. Unsecured files leave organizations vulnerable to data breaches or unauthorized access. By encrypting every file, both in transit and at rest, with PGP, you’re adding a higher level of security to your data and complying with the latest federal and state regulations.

GoAnywhere's OpenPGP Studio is a free PGP encryption tool that makes it easy to protect your sensitive files while complying with the OpenPGP standard. It uses a safer dual-key (asymmetric) system) to encrypt and decrypt information.

OpenPGP Studio is perfect for encrypting, decrypting, signing, and verifying documents with PGP. An integrated key manager in the product allows you to quickly create, import, export, and manage the keys you need to secure your files. You can also use it to encase encrypted documents in ASCII armor and compress output files.

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OpenPGP Studio – Encryption Software by GoAnywhere